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I am running the Rome Marathon in April for Firefly International because Firefly helps the innocent in war and conflict.

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  • Event: The Rome Marathon, 02 Apr 2017

Firefly International

We provide education and arts projects to young people affected by war & conflict

Charity Registration No. SC028744


Firefly International is a charity that directly helps, supports and saves the life paths of conflict-displaced children. This volunteer organisation supports locally run projects, using the Syrian, Bosnian and Palestinian staff to actively rebuild children's lives. These children have been through the worst experiences that the modern world can offer and it is only us and those who are safe who can help. The work that the teachers on the ground are doing and the progress of the war effected children make this charity actively incredible. 

Firefly support locally‐led projects in conflict and post-conflict regions that create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for young people to learn, thrive and grow. Currently they focus their work thematically on a few regions in the Balkans and Middle East: Bosnia, Palestine and Syrian refugees in Turkey. Through artistic and educational programmes, their partners and projects provide young people with opportunities and support to develop their skills, confidence and networks, improving prospects for brighter futures for themselves and their communities. 

Please donate to Firefly and support these unsung volunteers. They work in dangerous, deprived environments to ensure that the children can have a future beyond suffering. It is our efforts that provide the possibilities for these children - please help me reach the target. I'm not running a marathon for nae' reason.

Visit www.fireflyinterntional.org for more information