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Hhugs's Ramadhan 2016

Fundraising for HHUGS

58 %
raised of £100,000 target
by 913 supporters


We provide support and advice to families affected by UK Anti-Terror laws


While most of us think of Ramadhan as a time for family, gifts and joy, for the families HHUGS support  it can actually be a dreaded time. Children feel the absence of their father more acutely than ever, whilst the lack of support and isolation intensifies for their mothers during this time of community and togetherness. But with your support, in this month of immense rewards, we can draft a dramatically different diary entry for HHUGS families.

The Prophet (saw) said “For me to walk along with my brother to fulfill his need is more beloved to me than to make I’tikaf in this mosque of mine for a month.” (Tabarani)

£50 Feed a family

Essential Food supply pack

Or £250 food vouchers for the month

£150 Unite a family 

A month’s worth of prison visits

£50 per visit

£200 Heal your sister

Professional counselling for a month

£500 Shelter a family

Rent, basic utilities and essential repairs

Deliver gifts of joy

£10 Eid presents for a child 

£50 for a family

£350 Make it a Day  to Remember: Host an Eid Extravaganza

Unite isolated families who would otherwise have no plans for the day 

£500 Empower your sister

Help struggling mothers develop independence through driving lessons and vocational courses

"The children felt special after receiving Eid gifts from HHUGS and attending their Eid parties. We finally started to feel more normal, like there weresome people who weren’t afraid to associate with us. HHUGS saw us as human beings, not as criminals. They treated us as part of the Ummah.”




By phone

Call 0207 733 2104


Text RAMD47 £10 to 70070


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