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Running the Birmingham International Marathon for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity because They were able to save my life so I could live.

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Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

We support Birmingham Children's Hospital to improve the lives of sick children

Charity Registration No. 1160875


Hello to everyone looking at my page - here I will explain my story to why I want to do this and why I've chosen this charity. Also all donations will go to my charity and will go towards my entry fee.

So for those that do not know me my name is Stefan Mcwee, I'm 19 years of age. When I was in year 6 I suffered from a life threatening illness/virus known as a brain abscess,, this is a virus which was growing on the left lobe of my brain. Causing my skin tone to fade leaving me pale, however this was never really taken seriously by my doctor at first and in time it developed to becoming a more serious matter. 

Over a couple weeks things got worse and I wasn't getting the support I needed until I was rushed into hospital which I don't remember, I was put in a ward where I needed amidiate attention with antibiotics. Meanwhile I was unaware of what was happening. 

Finally I woke up and could speak and in the next couple of weeks I had to have constant care, with antibiotics as well as scans every now and then. I had to have a number of cannulas and a catheter, which isn't the best experience. 

I have 1 scar on my head where they had to open my skin up to get rid of the absus as well as 2 scars on my chest where I had tubes but in to pump the antibiotics around my body. Once the abus was removed after 2 attempts or maybe 3, I was then able to live off the antibiotics which were given to my body.  

After a couple of months I was able to come home but have regular visits at Good Hope at 10am and 10pm for regular antibiotics which were necessary. This went on for a couple of weeks before I was given the all clear and I could have my tubes removed. 

Finally it was all over with and they were able to save my life, a life which was questionable which way it'll lead. All I have to say is thank you to everyone at the hospital and all the staff for everything you've done - for Nothing could repay what you've done for me.  Those in my primary school (Spring Hill) teachers and friends, you sent me cards of support. My friends out side of school were great for sending me cards as well as the suppot already. Finally my family that we're there as many days as they could be to give me company throughout which were great motivation, how my mom was there day and night which was the best support I was given. 

To everyone I thank you for what you did for me, to those reading this thank you for taking your time to read my story.