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Thomas Kenneth Charles Law

Raising awareness of SUDC and a boy called Thomas. for The SUDC Foundation because it is attempting to provide an answer..

90 %
raised of £1,000 target
by 42 supporters

The SUDC Foundation

We advocate for SUDC worldwide to create a future free from SUDC

Charity Registration No. 46-5008779


Thank you for visiting our fundraising page to collect money to honour our awesome little man and go towards SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Children) - This charity has helped us so much and it is the least we can do.


SUDC describes the death of a healthy child over the age of 12 months, which remains unexplained after a thorough investigation. Most people have never heard of it, which adds to the shock that families face when it strikes.

The SUDC program, founded in 2001, provides information, support, services and advocacy and promotes research. It serves families in more than 15 countries.

SUDC is not new, but it is rare. It affects about 1.4 out of every 100,000 children. At this time, it cannot be predicted or prevented. Goals are to improve comprehensive investigations nationwide, collect crucial data on affected children to assist researchers in pursuing the cause, and provide for public health messages and support services.

 Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.

Thomas. Our Boy.

Thomas was taken unexpectedly and suddenly in March 2013. He was 22 months old and there was no indication of anything being wrong before we put him to bed that fateful evening when our world was shattered. He was our miracle boy. The child we'd yearned for and finally got, after 6 hard years of trying. A little man with a smile and giggle to cheer any moment and melt any heart.

The light of our lives was taken and everything is now, and forever more be, slightly darker for not having him with us. The pain of loss does not diminish with time, it is a constant. Always there. But we go on and want to make his life and the joy he brought to so many be the purpose of our lives and not focus on that horrible evening and the time after.

He was, and still is, very loved and we miss him constantly. Anything we can do to keep his memory alive and make him proud is all we now live for. We will always be Sally, Emslie and Thomas... he is with us and we need to honour him in every way.


Since losing Thomas we have raised funds for the charity along with other generous people who have done activities. We have some very special friends who are pushing themselves to both mental and physical limits in honour of our boy.


We have been incredibly lucky to have a little sister for Thomas. Hope Yvie Law. 

Thomas's Dad, Emslie:

MudRunning - OCR Madness.

Tough For Thomas. I run for him.

In October 2014 a group of wonderful friends decided to run Tough Mudder and raise money for SUDC in memory of Thomas. Tough for Thomas began... and the continuance of me, Thomas's dad, running OCR and mud running events for him. He keeps me going up the hills and through the cold, mud and everything else the course throws at me. You cannot weep when you have no breath.. you can only push on and make him proud. He cheers me along from above and would laugh at my mud beard and huffing and puffing...

Since then, every event I run, I wear the amazing t-shirt emblazoned with the SUDC logo and saying 'Tough4Thomas' on the back and 'Thomas's Daddy'. I do not have the words to thank those who run by my side as I am beyond humbled. You all too make my boy proud.

The sheer fact that other people want to do fund raising efforts in honour of Thomas is so touching, let alone people who never met our precious boy. We can't thank you all enough for what you are doing.Special thanks must go out to Ash Parker who dons a tutu and joins me most races. Thanks Ash

I attempt to try different events near and far but always return to Brutal, a very arduous and challenging series of 10km runs in and around where we live.

March 2015, the Brutal run at Windmill Hill was a sea of blue Tough for Thomas T-shirts highlighting his memory and championed by those at our bootcamp (Fitness Flex) who have supported us so much. I am now fortunate enough that others too, from Elements Outdoor Military Fitness, to Judgement Day and Mudstacle all have done their part in supporting Thomas and I.

Every OCR and mudrun is run for my boy... there have been many so far and I will continue to run them.. they challenge me and are always run for him, they also occupy my weekend, which was my time with him. It became a void and a time I needed to spend constructively. I run now. I run for him.

OCRs / Mudruns for Thomas - Tough4Thomas.

Done by me or by others in his honour.

Tough Mudder, Judgement Day, Brutal10, The Nuts Challenge, Eliminator Race, The Suffering Race, Nuclear Races, Rat Race Dirty Weekender, Mens Health Survival of the Fittest, The Reaper, Back2TheTrenches, Grim Challenge, The General, World War Run, Snowdonia Marathon, Skydives (Suzanne Glazier & Jon Lonnon), Abseiling the Spinnaker Tower, OCR training day, Dirty Dozen, Judgement Day, The Unknown, MvM, Spartan, Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival, Tough Mudder, Grim, JD goes Nuts, Tough Guy, Athens Marathon (Claire Varndell), Wolf Run (Nina & Paul Mace, Shelley & Graham Pretty, Claire Chappell, Kate & Chris Abbotson), climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (David Clack), endurance events like Endure24 (where I ran 30 miles in 24 hours) and many others..


All Dirty Dozen events, All Judgement Day events, Outdoor Training Centre (Thanks Gary Kennedy), Nuclear, Brutal (with a few running specifically for Thomas again, thank you Chris White) and many, many more.

Hope & Glory at the OTC.

​On Saturday the 18th June, the Outdoor Training Centre, run by Gary Kennedy, put on a specific event in memory of my boy and all money going to SUDC. This brought together many OCR people that did something for Thomas and it was an amazing day for all involved. 

Thomas's Mommy, Sally:

Ems says if I can run 3km I can do Tough Mudder - however I think it's more than that - it's not just the physical strength but the mental strength it takes to do some of these obstacles and races. Each time Ems does another obstacle race (and he's done lots) I'm in awe of what he does. I'm eternally proud of my hubby Ems for keeping going every day and pushing himself to his limits. He does Thomas proud every single day.

We are so humbled by what everyone is doing for our Thomas and cannot thank you enough, so please do support all of their efforts and donate anything you can to this amazing charity.

Memories of our Cheeky Monkey.

Happy memories of our cheeky monkey and his 676 days, nearly 677, 22 months. 22 amazing, wonderful, happy, laughing, proud months.

His little white bum as he ran, he rarely walked, from the bedroom to the bathroom, where he'd shut the door on me as all doors had to be closed by my slightly OCD son....
 He also had a thing for having to put his nappy in the bin too..

 Him always calling me 'mummy', yet being able to point at me when asked 'where's daddy?'

His ability to find food in the fridge... My son loved food as much as his dad does.

Anyone lying down was fair game to become an impromptu climbing frame, or something to be jumped on. And anyone sat cross legged was just somewhere for him to sit... He'd jump up and down on my chest.. Giggling all the time.

His hugs, his cuddles and his snotty kisses...

His need to point at every car, truck and bus on his way to and from nursery.

His love of blueberries... And food in general, the bigger the spoon, the better.

Him stood in his cot after I'd run in first thing in the morning. The first peep he'd make and I'd run down straight away.. Sleepy morning cuddles, with a heavy filled nappy...

His refusal to wear his gloves in the coldest of weather. Shaking his head emphatically.

His ability to get his fingerprints on my glasses no matter what.. The prints are still on the mirrors, windows... Everywhere... Everything he touched, he'd left a print..

Other than the people in his life he loved and those that loved him so much, his life revolved around: toy cars, peppa pig, food (his and anyone's in his reach), sleep, elephants and making sure all around him where ok. He was a compassionate soul.

The only sadness he ever knew was having food taken away from him, being awoken (he was a sleep monster and did not do being woken!) and being told 'No'..... Any of these ended up in a grumpy Thomas... Until he saw a toy car, Buster (our dog), an elephant, our cat... He was so easily distracted and was never upset for long.

The way he'd kick his feet on my chest and belly as I'd try change his nappy... Great fun to him, messy to me. He'd giggle, and giggle...

Everything was 'baaaaa, baa, ba'... No matter what.

I suspect he thought his tummy was called 'Thomas' as that's where he'd point if you asked him 'where is Thomas?'.....

His cheeky smile and amazing giggle.

The pride of walking around with him... Of finally having him, of him being part of our lives.. And my immense pride I have for my wife. The mother of that amazing boy of ours, she was, and still is the most incredible mother, and always will be.

We, as his parents, were put on this earth to ensure the he was loved and that he knew it... And, in that, we succeeded. We could not have physically shown him more how much we all loved that little man. So, soar high our cheeky monkey.

Your ever loving Mommy and Daddy.

 Many thanks for your support from Sally and Emslie - Thomas's ever loving and grateful parents - and his amazing younger sister Hope.