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Women in Fund Finance IWD 2022 Challenge

Fundraising for Women for Afghan Women (WAW)
We protect and promote the rights of women to build a peaceful and just world.


Women in Fund Finance would like you to join them in undertaking another challenge in recognition of International Women's Day and to raise money for Women for Afghan Women (WAW).

To represent the 14.2 million women in Afghanistan, we ask that you challenge yourselves to complete any one of the activities below (or even all of them) by International Women's Day on Tuesday 8 March.

a)  14.2 total minutes of plank pose in 7 days; or

b)  14.2 minutes of meditation each day for 7 days; or

c)   142 total push-ups in 7 days

To participate:

Step 1: Enter as an individual, friends and family team, or corporate team and choose your activity (or activities)

Step 2: Make a donation on this Justgiving page and please share with friends and family for support. Suggested minimum donation amounts are:

-      Individual: US$30
-      Friends and Family: Team US$100
-      Corporate Team: US$300

Corporate teams can email us with your logo which will be posted on our Justgiving and LinkedIn pages:

Step 3: To share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text, please click the share button and select the social media channel.

To share via LinkedIn, please paste the link into your Start a Post window:

Step 4: Send us your videos and photos and we'll post these on LinkedIn – email us at

About the charity

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan and New York. We work to help women and girls exercise their rights to pursue their individual potential, to self-determination, and to representation in all areas of life.

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