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Project AWARE Foundation (International)

We mobilize the world's divers to protect the ocean one dive at a time

Charity Registration No. 1073327


If you are lucky enough to be a scuba diver then you will appreciate how beautiful and fragile the underwater world is. Project Aware www.projectaware.org is a registered non profit organisation who in conjunction with scuba divers and water enthusiasts combine efforts to conserve aquatic resources and support conservation initiatives across the world.   The heart of why we dive is the beauty of it all and is what our industry is built on. Yu Diving is determined to raise awareness of why we dive and help encourage responsible diving. A donation here will help to keep the aquatic environment in as good a condition as possible so we, and future generations of scuba divers, can enjoy the experience and witness the beauty.   We all read about the challenges facing the Oceans. They need our help. Please make a donation. Thanks.  


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