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I am running again in the Goppin mud challenge for Cordwainers Charities because blind children need our help

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  • Event: The Goppin Challenge, 06 May 2017

Cordwainers Charities

The Master's charity for 2016/17 is the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Each year the Master Cordwainer chooses a charity which members fundraise for. We also support footwear education, the Royal Society for Blind Children, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the Royal Free Hospital and almshouses.

Charity Registration No. 266073


Thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page, I really appreciate it, as these children really need some support



Some of you have supported me before on the 7
previous excursions. They have all proved hugely worthwhile and your support has been and will be enormously appreciated. The Cordwainers
have been able to provide completion finance on various projects, making blind children (our little peoples) life that much better.

I have therefore once again rashly entered an extreme 8 mile mud run, which seems to cover more vertical height than horizontal. It only gets harder as I get older and  challenges harder.....and thats why your support is VITAL to me…….

What am I doing?…….well the
following is what the marketing says...... I am not sure it attracts sane

It is billed as the toughest eight-mile
obstacle courses in the country, and with good reason. The hilly route on
woodland tracks tests even the hardiest of runners
but our competitors will be up to their neck in water within 200m of leaving the start line”, there are burning mounds of wood-chip to negotiate, mud, tunnels, waterfalls to climb, lakes to swim, bogs, streams, more mud, clay, tunnels & man-made obstacles!  The descents will be no easier than the climbs while the lack of mile markers and zig-zag
course add another dimension of toughness ....if it rains...... "Some runners have experienced a fair strain on their mental attitude....." Runners in the past have been rewarded with a glimpse of a white deer crossing the course
.....of course that
s only the printable hallucination ......... www.goppinchallenge.com/


The money
will be managed through the Cordwainer
s which helps target specific projects for the
……The Cordwainers
have supported societies for the blind and partially sighted for centuries,
strongly believing that visual impairment should not be a barrier to personal

For What

Cordwainers Company (www.cordwainers.org) is a charitable Livery made up of an eclectic bunch of people that oversee disbursements of funds and raise money for various charities of which Royal London School for the blind (RLSB) is a special one.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the worst thing about being blind is not being able to see. But here at RLSB we know that there is a hard reality to childhood sight loss, that is little known to the public.

1 in 4 blind and partially sighted children under 12 are depressed· 40% of blind children don’t have neighborhood friends to play with· 90% who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than 6 months in their lives 2/3 of blind and partially sighted people are on the poverty lineIts not good enough that this is still the case in
21st century Britain.

Thats why RLSBs mission is to support 7,000 blind young people
across London and the South East to live life without limits. Since its
foundation in 1838 by Thomas Lucas, RLSB has existed to stop childhood sight loss becoming a lifelong disability.

We dont just help young people cope with being blind; we help young people live beyond sight loss.  


Thank you for your support


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