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Fundraising for Live Life Give Life

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  • Event: Marathon des Sables 2011, 31 Mar 2011

Live Life Give Life

We raise awareness of organ donation to encourage people to sign the register

Charity Registration No. 1123333


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page. In March 2011 I will be running the Marathon Des Sables, also described as "The Toughest Foot Race on Earth" to help raise awareness of Organ Donation and raise much needed funds for Live Life Then Give Life www.lltgl.org.uk and Donor Family Network www.donorfamilynetwork.co.uk


What's this all about? 

The Marathon Des Sables takes place in the Sahara Desert (Morocco) in temperatures exceeding 120°F. The overall distance is 243km (made up of legs of 25, 34, 38, 82, 42, 22 km) run over 6 days. This is equivalent to 5 regular marathons.

I crave challenges and feel I was always destined to take part in an ultra marathon, even though some people would say I’m bonkers to be considering such an extreme race.

I enjoy training and saw this challenge as a once in a lifetime opportunity that will test me to my physical and mental limits. More importantly I’m running this extreme race, to raise a considerable amount of money for a charity that sits close to my heart. I feel so fortunate to be healthy and able bodied and the suffering I’ll endure is incomparable to the real pain and uncertainty that people who are in need of new organs have to experience. 

I am aware that it will be a tough and painful challenge with blisters etc by the bucketful - but I also know if things go according to plan, it’s only going to last for a given time and soon I will begin to recover and be back to my normal self quite quickly. People who are in desperate need of a new organ can’t say what I’ve just said, and each and every day is a marathon challenge for them.

I became aware of this fact through a close friend of mine who lost his life due to heart failure, as a match could not be found for him in time. So at the tender age of 25 he lost his life. If there was any way a heart could’ve been found for him he may well still be alive today. This kind of tragedy happens far too often due to a lack of understanding, which in turn leads to a lack of co-operation on the part of potential donors …… that means me and you!

All other problems fade into insignificance when your life is at risk. For these reasons I must do this marathon. Not only in memory of my dear friend and colleague Dan – but for all those who are hoping to live a full and healthy life right now, but who are waiting for new organs to make that a possibility. ‚Ä®Please sponsor me and in doing so you’ll be helping to make that happen too.

When you give of yourself you truly give 

THINK – Organ Donation.

Where will my money go?

All funds raised from will go to Live Life Then Give Life, who work tirelessly to raise awareness about organ donation in the hope of saving lives like Dan Hunt.  

 LLTGL say they know for a fact that raising awareness works. When people are exposed to transplant stories, and have the opportunity to learn about and discuss organ donation, they are far more likely to sign the organ donor register. 

We also know for a fact that this education is vital, as at present 3 people die every single day waiting for a transplant. That's 1000 unnecessary deaths every year. Deaths we can prevent. Deaths that you can help prevent by sponsoring you and allowing us to do even more. 

 Money raised will go specifically towards an exciting new project which will train transplant patients and donor families to go out into schools, universities and community groups to give talks and provide information about organ donation and transplantation.


























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