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We support grassroots development projects to improve the lives of millions worldwide!

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   Welcome on my "Marathon Des Sables - Just Giving" Page!


   The following brief is about what exactly I am raising money for. A desire - reflection of my personal approach towards poverty. Poverty among children and child labour to be precise. An obvious heart and mind striking subject.


   I remember watching this short video about 4 / 6 years old children working in a stone quarry in Peru. Unforgettable and unforgivable images which made a long lasting impact on my creativity.


   How the 6 year old girl can help her family to earn money by walking on the hill full of sharp-edged stones, throwing them downhill with her own life at risk? After getting deeper into the subject of poverty and education, helping children remained my life goal ever since I remember. Impossible to avoid but similarly worth fighting against - the Poverty is the matter which can not be ignored. The worse thing about the poverty is that it does not know the difference between good and evil as it does not recognises the difference between the age or classes. It can penetrate throughout the social boudaries reaching for the list expecting it families. Poverty has the ability to remain invisible almost permanently, just like a virus. Not because it is hard to detect, but because people simply don't want to agree to its presence. How come?


   Only when I lost my brother I have had realised what was the real cause of his great sacrifice. He fought against the poverty of his own, that he gradually created over the years. He could not bear the idea of being poor. He literally could not agree to the long term life deal of his family being constantly sunken below the surface of dignity. He worked very hard to prove himself wrong. To tune his life colours good, to change them from dark to bright. He worked every day to help his family to raise above the existence 'fault', this unexplainable lifes x-factor - Poverty. Regrettably, he took his life away when he failed to find an answer - "why some people are poor while some remain very rich?". These are the only thoughts I can reach for to describe what I feel about his personal sacrifice.


   Perosnally I think the poverty may not exist only under a certain condition. It dissapears when we do not pay attention to it. It could be very often ignored simply by changing a course of action. Instead of constantly analysing on how bad the situation is, some people can tackle the poblem by concentrating efforts on their life goals. I call it - inspiration.

   In light of my personal life experience, the inspiration of helping others simply became my goal. Fighting the poverty was my brothers great effort, and I think it is something worth continuation.

   My education is My dedication.






   The longest, the toughest and (for some people) just impossible to accomplish run on Earth. I want to be a part of it.


The Marathon Des Sables - The Ultra Marathon


   Since I heard about it for the first time 10 years ago, I was imagining myself being part of the toughest sport event on the planet. Unfortunately, it was beyond my reach. Until now. 


Few facts about the MDS:

* The route across Moroccan dunes and the plain desert exceeds 240km

* It's nick name: The Ultra Marathon = 6 marathons

The average weight loose during the run = 13kg

* Every year people die trying to accomplish the race

* The event is covered by every International broadcasting TV station

* The 2011 winner achieved the goal in just 21 hours!



This is my first Marathon in life. But this is not a marathon like any other marathon you could ever imagine. This is an Ultra Marathon. Some say: if you have any questions you wish to find an answers for - you need to either get old, so the wisdom will come to you with age or, you need to run across the desert for days so the overwhelming space, tiredness, heat and loneliness will stop you from asking any questions." These are the only two stages in your life at which you can achieve - peace. The feeling of accomplishment.


"Maybe if my brother could isolate himself at the time from the problem of poverty like a single desert sand particle, maybe he could sit right now next to me enjoying our mutual goal of helping others. But he did not wanted to do it. Instead, he have decided to... stay quiet."


   I am training every day. I am a part of Nike Runners community. Running and cycling av. 20km per day I am trying to improove my stamina and running skills. In 2006 I have attempted to walk through the African Continent from North to South in 360 days with the "eXtemeWalk the TROOPER" project.



I am an Architect and Documentalist.



   By reading this, you just became a part of my life story and thanks to you - the story continues. 

AJ . 2013




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