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We help thousands of people to leave homelessness behind for good

Charity Registration No. 1082947


Righto, we did it. Photographic evidence is here and I've done a brief writeup of it here

There're still homeless people, so I'm expecting you to keep giving money.

For some history, the original plan is as follows:

The plan is basically to ride from the most Westerly point on the British mainland to the most Easterly during the longest night of the year. It seemed like a good idea at the time (which, come to think of it, was during the summer), and Joel agreed.

Using motorways it's a 9hr ride, but that seems like cheating. So we're avoiding motorways for a 12ish hour ride and a happier Joel. I should mention we're using motorbikes: we're not insane. Though the weather forecast is currently using words like 'biting' and 'sleet'...

We'll be leaving Land's End at about 4:30pm on the 21st and hopefully arriving at Lowestoft by 7am. Via Stonehenge and the big tree in Trafalgar Square.

This is a bit of a silly idea, but silly ideas are the most reliable method of getting people to give to charity, so donate and let a homeless guy have Christmas dinner. Or just *a* dinner.


  • Photo of the halfway stop.
  • Artist's impression of the halfway stop.