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We are doing the Midnight Walk on the 12th of May for St Elizabeth Hospice (Suffolk) because we are so grateful for our local Hospice

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  • Team members: Kathy Carter, Corrin Curry, Jenny Davy, Andrea Denny, Magen Box, Cheryl Singleton, Diane Payne, Chrissie Abbott to name but a few
  • Event: St Elizabeth Hospice Midnight Walk 2018, 12 May 2018

St Elizabeth Hospice (Suffolk)

We provide vital care and support to people living with a progressive illness

Charity Registration No. 289154


We are two work colleagues and now very close friends who have found ourselves in a very unique situation. Both of our husbands have been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that has metastasised to their liver and lungs. Sometimes it seems surreal to have a friend that is going through the same horrendous nightmare but most of the time it is a blessing. We are able to lean on each other and have a total understanding of how the other one is feeling. 

Through it all we are lucky enough to have the support of our dear work friends who see us through the rough days and keep us afloat with their humour and love. Together, as a group, we decided to give something back to one of the most amazing resources we have as a community by doing the midnight walk for St Elizabeth's Hospice.


On  August 31st 2015 our family received the devastating news that my wonderful husband, Ray Curry, had stage 4 bowel cancer. He had a 5cm tumour in his bowel but he also had inoperable tumours in both his lungs.
Ray ended up having emergency surgery to remove the bowel tumour before starting the gruelling two week cycles of chemo. Ray became very ill and was rushed to hospital where it was discovered he had an abscess from the bowel leaking. After a course of antibiotics it was thought to be gone. But no! The abscess came back causing excruciating pain. The Dr’s didn’t want to operate as chemo would have to stop so Ray endured the most horrendous pain before having surgery a year later. This was a particularly hard time for all of us to see Ray in so much pain, but knew if he stopped the chemo the cancer could spread and shorten his life even further. 
Ray was then accepted onto a clinical trial in London for an immunotherapy drug. Ray and I travelled down to the Marsden several times a month pinning all our hopes onto this drug for a miracle cure. Unfortunately August 2017 Ray was “kicked off” the trial as there was evidence it wasn’t working. Our world came crashing down yet again! Both Ray an I had now been around bowel cancer for two years and knew there wasn’t really much left in the way of options.
We returned back to the team at Ipswich to try another chemo drug. After just a few cycles it became apparent that the cancer was winning again! By now Ray had several lung tumours but also “it” had found its way to his liver. 
This now meant Ray had exhausted the two main bowel cancer drugs. There was only one option left which was to try a relatively new drug.
Ray has now been on this drug for two months and we find out in two weeks if it is containing his cancer.
The peripheral neuropathy this drug has caused is now crippling Ray with tingling, stabbing pains in his hands and feet but he still stands strong against cancer! 
Throughout this whole journey St Elizabeth’s have been there supporting all of our family emotionally and especially Ray with pain management. 


In 2014 my lovely husband Matt Davy was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. After having part of his bowel removed and 6 months of gruesome chemo he was given the all clear. In the summer of 2017, after a routine scan, we were told the cancer had spread to his liver and lungs - stage 4 this time and inoperable. Obviously this has devastated us as a family and life has become extremely tough. We now take one day at a time and cling to the precious time we have together. One of the things that makes this journey bearable is our support from St Elizabeth's Hospice. Right from the onset we were contacted by them and seen by one of their Nurse Consultants. Not only is she a lifeline when it comes to to our worries and concerns but she also counsels us through the dark times and laughs with us through the good. Matt is currently staying at the hospice for a few days as he is so run down. The care he is receiving is amazing, I have never met such friendly and caring staff. Nothing is too much for them and his well being seems to be their number 1 priority. In order to honour this fantastic, invaluable charity - me and some of my chums from my days at Avocet Academy are walking the St Elizabeth's Midnight Walk on the 12th of May. We all have our reasons for doing this but I am honoured to be walking with such a great bunch of ladies. Please dig deep if you can - we would all be so very grateful.

Thank you to everyone that has put their hand in their pocket for this amazing cause. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.