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We're raising funds to celebrate Saajan's new lease of life!

Fundraising for The Brompton Fountain

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raised of £3,500 target
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  • Event: Saajan's new lease of life!

The Brompton Fountain

We raise money for Royal Brompton Hospital to support the children's units.

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My mummy and daddy recently gave me the bestest gift in the whole world - a baby brother called Saajan. He is my bestest friend and I love him so much. He makes me smile and when I come home from nursery, the first thing I look for is him! I love to give him cuddles and kisses. At the moment he has a huge ouchie on his chest - I'm so proud of my strong little brother and I tell all my friends about him. I missed doing cuddles with him and making him laugh while he was at the hospital.  I felt really sad and cried because I wanted him to come back home.  I am so happy he is back home.

Saajan has been full of surprises for my mummy and daddy since he was born. Firstly, he has an extra chromosome - my brother was born with Down Syndrome.  Unknown to my mummy and daddy at the time, Saajan was also born with an atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) - I don't really understand it but basically he had a hole in his heart. 

My brother needed to have open heart surgery.

My mummy and daddy felt really sad but they knew it would make Saajan better and then we could have lots more fun together.

Saajan recently had his operation and it went well and now his heart is fixed. We pray and hope he doesn't ever need an operation again.

My mummy and daddy and me are forever grateful to the staff at The Royal Brompton hospital for saving my brother's life and for taking care of us with so much love. He stayed in PICU for six nights and in the ward for one night. You can read the full story on my mummy's blog www.BabyBrainMemoirs.com. Thank you to the staff for also playing with me in the play room and letting me spend time with my brother. I don't usually like hospitals - I usually cry and make a fuss but I liked this one a lot.

This is a message from my mummy and daddy:

Thank you for visiting our page everyone! After the flawless care we received while Saajan underwent open heart surgery - our biggest nightmare, we were saddened to hear that The Royal Brompton is under threat of closure. It made our hearts sink that others in the same position as us may not receive the same opportunity as Saajan has.  We first hand witnessed how under resourced and in demand the services are. Consolidating two trusts could have a detrimental impact on the care of heart patients.

If this plan went ahead, it would also close a range of other services - including the hospital's child intensive care unit where Saajan was taken care of, it's world famous CHD research unit, and a range of child services including cystic fibrosis and difficult asthma. Over 14,000 patients would be affected. The Royal Brompton is one of the largest, safest and most effective services in the world saving thousands of lives.

To show our support and to celebrate Saajan's new lease of life, we are hoping to raise £3,500 for The Brompton Fountain Charity by the end of the year. The money will be used to invest in monitors and machinery, research and the child intensive care unit. Please help us to raise money to support the care of babies, children and the families of those in a similar situation to us.

Once you donate, the money will be directly sent to the charity. It's quick, easy and safe and every penny counts!

Thank you for reading!

Harps, Preetam, Arjy & Saajy x