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Chris and Pete's London to Paris Page

Fundraising for Child Bereavement UK

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raised of £3,000 target
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  • Team members: Peter Clark, Chris Allen
  • Event: Child Bereavement Charity London to Paris Bike Ride, 13 May 2011 to 16 May 2011

Child Bereavement UK

We support bereaved children and families to help rebuild their lives

Charity Registration No. 1040419


05/07/2011 Update: Another ton from Chris' sister, in laws and neighbours - well done to the extended Allen family there!

13/06/2011 Update: We did it (see left for photographic evidence!) 180 miles in 3 days. Huge thanks to our many sponsors, this page will remain open for several weeks as we milk the last few pennies out of those we know. If you've enjoyed sponsoring us why not tell your friends and family?

28/05/2011 Update: Cracking! The in laws have pledged 50p a mile. That's £93 on the total, £100 for cash...

28/05/2011 Update: So impressed were the kids by my batting this afternoon they have written off all the pocket money I owe them, equating to a £15 donation to the cause

04/05/2011 Update: Thanks very much to Martin Bernstein - got your cheque today mate!

29/04/2011 Update: Congratulations to Chris for raising nearly £500 in offline donations mostly down at the pub. And to anyone who says this was achieved through his waiting outside with a sock full of snooker balls, where's your evidence?!?

14/04/2011 Update: Thanks to my team at work for the change from the Grand National sweepstakes money they didn't spend at the pub at lunchtime - another £15 on the total!

07/04/2011 Update: Many thanks to Matt Jordan for the £20 you slipped me in the pub tonight. I did not forget nor spend it on kebabs!

23/03/2011 Update: We are so unfit the charity has felt the need to move this event back a month until 10th June to allow us to train

Oh dear. It all seemed such a good idea, the beer was talking, it was Christmas and before you knew it these two middle aged blokes had signed up to raise money for the Child Bereavement Charity by cycling from London to Brighton.

But worse was to come. In the cold light of day, when the packs arrived, the lads noticed that Brighton had become Paris. France right? That's a whole different country. Lesson: read the small print. Actually read the large print. On reflection it was pretty clear.

Too late now. And so the training started. Chris bought a bike and Pete hired one - you know those Boris bikes in London - one of those, to ride from Waterloo to the pub to discuss tactics.

So dig deep and encourage such reckless folly, for from this is true charity delivered unto the world. Or something. One thing cannot be contested and that is that this is a truly deserving cause.

The Child Bereavement Charity provides specialised support, information and training to all those affected when a baby or child dies, or when a child is bereaved. By learning continuously from children and parents, CBC leads the way in improving the quality of care offered by professionals to such families, both in the immediate crisis and in the time following the death of someone important in their lives.

Yeah? You can't argue with that can you? We've signed on the line to say we'll raise £3000. Please help us.


  • Chris and a bike. All the critical success factors met there! +2