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Sophie Baughan

Baughans against encephalitis

Raise money & awareness of encephalitis for The Encephalitis Society because this charity provided Sophie with amazing support!

raised by 32 supporters

The Encephalitis Society

We support those affected by Encephalitis to improve their quality of life.

Charity Registration No. 1087843


Thanks, Sophie & her family x

My family are going to be organising some fundraising events to try and raise some money for this amazing charity so please support if you can. Every little helps.

I had amazing neurologists plus the best boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues I could have asked for. In amongst all of this, I found this gem of a charity who are trying there best to raise awareness of this horrible disease. Be honest, had you heard of it before I got it? I hadn't! So there's clearly work to be done and we want to help. The Encephalitis Society have already been so helpful to me - providing support, information & just a sense of community that you can't get anywhere else.

Encephalitis causes inflammation of the brain and has a fatality rate as high as 10-30%. For those of us who do make it through, we are left with various forms of brain damage. Me? I now have epilepsy so have seizures and will be on medication for the rest of my life. I take 12 tablets a day and yet it still only reduces, not stops, my seizures. Thats the best I can hope for. I have lost my memory of the 6 months of so leading up to becoming ill. I have an awful memory now - and I don't mean the "oh where did I put my pen" kind of memory hiccups that we all have - I mean getting lost on the way home from work, forgetting a conversation 2 mins after I've had it kind of memory. I have such severe fatigue that I've had to go part time at work. But I got lucky compared to a lot of people. So so lucky!

Well it was with Encephalitis; a rare but serious brain infection. It strikes completely out of the blue...I had gone to bed one night just feeling like I was coming down with a cold. Well didn't Luke get a shock that night being woken up by me in the middle of a seizure...and didn't I get a shock waking up in hospital weeks later finding out I'd been in a coma!!

As most of you will know, I was really ill at the end of 2013. Various hospitals, intensive care, lumbar punctures, brain rehab...I've done it all.