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Imagine you're a parent & this was home Please help house 500 & create employment

I need your help to personally house 2 families for Amoria Bond Charitable Trust because all money goes exactly to the grass roots & impact

97 %
raised of £12,000 target
by 197 supporters
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Amoria Bond Charitable Trust

We promote or assist charitable activity to advance the education of young people

Charity Registration No. 1132381


CAN YOU SUPPORT US PLEASE? See video overview here

There are currently 60,000 marginalised people living in Las Laderas homes just like this one.  The reality of life for them is an endless struggle to keep their families warm, dry, safe and to find work.

On Friday August 11th, I'm heading back out to Peru for the 3rd time along with oldest primary school friend Daniel Daw, to lead a group of volunteers who have committed to complete 100 homes which will house at least 500 people through the Project Peru Charity - working and living alongside the locals we're assisting.

Just £750 will build a real home with 4 walls, a roof and lockable door (things we take for granted).  Your donation, no matter how small, will help make this happen.

What contributions will fund:

£750 - a complete home for a family of up to 6 people


£145 - concrete base for home

£120 - a roof

£280 (£70 x 4) - four walls

£90 - wages for local employment of builders

£50 - lockable door to provide security

£40 - transport & delivery of all materials

£25 - nails & fixtures

Please take a moment to see and hear what a difference your generosity can make, in this short summary video:

The Project Peru charity was chosen for a number of reasons. Daniel came across them when he was travelling there a few years ago. Having suffered the loss of his mother at an early age, which to this day Daniel testifies has helped shape his positive altruistic nature, he saw how much benefit the charity was adding to the lives of the children it cared for in it’s children refuge.
It was also chosen because it has a long-standing presence and reputation within the Las Laderas Peruvian community and because it is well respected and run at grass roots level BY locals FOR locals.....unlike so many charities which are run by foreigners living in remote lands who have limited knowledge of the day to day workings and subtleties of local relations.

All contributions end up where they are intended; in the community. And it's not a hand out, locals are employed & work alongside us, putting the graft into turning your sponsorship into a house for a family!
With knowledge of every families' situation, 'Rosa' the community leader (who represents Project Peru) selects and prioritises which families are housed on a ‘needs-most’ basis.

Run by local planners, the project not only provides homes and medium term development, but also employment in the local community, and an opportunity to foster cross-cultural relationships and understanding as volunteers come and immerse themselves working within the community.
In a financially driven Recruitment business, another aspect of the
project is, says Dan, to help "emphasise to our work team how fortunate we all are and how important it is to contribute to those who don’t have the same advantages as us in life. I have always returned from my past travels with a renewed sense of gratitude. As a business owner and manager I feel a responsibility to help share this with my team and make this a more common approach to both business and life"
All of the project’s volunteers are paying their own way 100% aswell as being asked to raise at least £1000.
The volunteers will be living with the locals at the children’s refuge,
which is part of the charity - immersing themselves not only in a week’s intensive building alongside the local workers but also spending downtime integrating and getting to know the locals. Some of the homes we build will be for the families of the children in the refuge, who currently are unable to provide for them!
For the best overview of the project, please watch the video here:

I appreciate times may be tight, so anything, no matter how big or small is truly valued - it all quickly adds up!

Also any shares via email & social media
My personal target this next week (with your help) is to fund the last 2 of the 100 houses (£1500), which will provide housing for 2 families.
It's totally cliched (yet true): 'All of us can only make it happen through the support of good people such as yourself who contribute - we're all as important as each other in making this happen.'
I will also be documenting the project and will make a short project video & article in which all sponsors and supporters will be fully credited.

You will also get a personal thank you from the family & community. I will send this to you upon my return.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, support, generosity & time. It is appreciated.

With gratitude
PS Remember to tick the 'Gift Aid' box as this substantially adds to your contribution. If you have any questions or would like more info please feel free to contact me at

PPS I would greatly appreciate if you can share this link on Facebook, Twitter or via email

Charity History:
The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust was set up in 2009 to give something back and contribute to the education of young people in some of the poorest areas of the world and to help relieve poverty.

I can vouch for the integrity and sincerity of the Charity: whilst I was living in Sri Lanka in 2009/2010 Amoria Bond Charitable Trust stepped up and financed a personal project (despite being told by locals and well meaning ex-pats that it wouldn't be possible in the one week window we had before I left the country) to provide a roof for a poor local family who lost their father (the sole breadwinner), in a tragic railway accident. ABC Trust also sponsor a number of poor children through extra education in rural Sri Lanka.

If interested please see these videos:


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