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Fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease Association

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Motor Neurone Disease Association

We fund care, campaigning and research to achieve a world free from MND

Charity Registration No. 294354


MND is a rare disease, developing in about 1/100,000 people each year. In the it is estimated that there are only 5000 patients, with about 30,000 in the USA. Whilst the incidence rate (number of new cases each year) is similar to that of a more common disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS), the high mortality rate associated with the disease means that there are few people living with the disease at any one time. Approximately half of all patients die within 14 months. One in five patients will survive to five years, and about one in ten will survive to ten years.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a very rare neurological condition which robs sufferers of the ability to walk, speak, move their limbs, and eventually breathe. At present there is no effective treatment and the disease usually proves fatal within 2-5 years. In the United States, MND is called either ALS (short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or "Lou Gehrig's Disease" after a famous baseball player in the 1930's who died from the disease. Other famous sufferers of this illness include the actor David Niven, the cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking, and the euthanasia campaigner Diane Pretty.


Currently there is only one drug licensed in the UK and USA for the treatment of MND, called Riluzole. This is a glutamate antagonist which has been shown in clinical trials to extend life by about 2 months on average. Patients taking Riluzole do not subjectively feel any better, and the medication may work by keeping patients in the earlier stages of the disease for longer. It may also have more effect on those patients who get their first symptoms in their throat region (bulbar onset).

MOTOR NEURONE the lives of three people everyday in UK and many more globaly.

It robs people of the ability to walk, talk and take care of themselves, though the mind is usually unaffected. This means all these people live with the knowledge that they will not recover.

Donate a little if you can.

Help a very rare & devestating Illness with little support . 



Becuase of its minority, They cant hope really, to attain the support of high profit margins of Pharma Companies who consider the costs of development of medication to outway the expensive investigation off possible medication for such. , so once again , its up to YOU & I , the general public to care where needed .  This is far worse than a headace for which we all have a medication for . These guys have nothing but spirit left if they get through the torment with our support.  

Thankyou for reading this and giving this cause some thought   

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