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Daniel Creed

Daniel's Gnomeageddon

I am playing in an 8 hour all Gnome D&D game for Dementia UK because nobody should have to suffer through Dementia

166 %
raised of £30 target
by 7 supporters

Dementia UK

We provide Admiral Nurses to support families affected by dementia

Charity Registration No. 1039404


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Since time immemorial there has been a scourge of Gnomish souls, a stalker in the dark, a bogeyman to scare the children at night and it's name was Dee-Em. Now a brave band of Gnomish adventurers shall embark on a perilous journey to seek the heart of the Dee-Em and fill it with love for all of Gnomekind.

I shall be playing Boddynock the  Bombastic, Evocasionist extraordinaire, Level 13 wizard. He will be delving deep into the dungeon with his bag filled to bursting with all sorts of useful gear to aid his fellow adventurers 

If you wish to aid Boddynock in his endeavours, you can do so in several different ways.

For £3 you can purchase Boddynock an item from this list:

1. Adamantine medium armour (crits count as normal hits)

2. Ammunition +1 (arrows or bolts, pack of 6)

3. Bag of Holding (weighs 15lb, carries 500lb) Boddynock already has one of these

4. Bracers of Archery (gain proficiency with longbows and shortbows, +2 to hit with them)

5. Driftglobe (follows 60ft behind you and gives off light or the spell daylight once a day)

6. Goggles of Night (gives the wearer 60ft darkvision or increases existing darkvision by 60ft)

7. Helm of Comprehending Languages (cast comprehend languages at will)

8. Mithral Heavy Armour (ignores stealth or strength rules of armour)

9. Periapt of Health (immunity to disease)

10. Periapt of Wound Closure (auto stabilise, double gain of HP from spending hit dice)

11. Rod of the Pact Keeper +1

12. Saddle of the Cavalier (cannot be unhorsed and attacks at mount have disadvantage)

13. Sentinel Shield (advantage on Initiative and Perception)

14. Shield +1

15. Wand of Detect Magic (20 charges non-rechargeable)

16. Wand of Magic Missiles (20 charges non-rechargeable)

17. Wand of Secrets (20 charges non-rechargeable) (detects secret doors/traps within 30ft)

18. Wand of the Warmage +1 Boddynock has one of these

19. Weapon +1

Things that also can be donated for:

Buy a dice reroll £1 per reroll

Raise dead (get back up on 1HP) £5

Resurrection (full HP) £10

Charity Raises do not incur the -4 penalties.

Help me change an old DM's crusty heart and show him the true meaning of Gnomevember