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Fundraising for Spinal Injuries Scotland

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Spinal Injuries Scotland

We provide support, advice and information to those affected by Spinal Injury

Charity Registration No. SC015405


Don't worry, I don't expect to raise the same amount I did last year!!

It's been not much over a year since I was in a car crash leaving me a paraplegic. It isn't easy going from able bodied and active teacher to being unable to use the lower half of my body - it's a doozy to adjust to and to attempt to work back from.

I'm still working to get back to teaching, and getting back to doing what I love and contributing again.

As it is, that road isn't a smooth ride either. So, to allow you all to glimpse some of the trials I would need to undertake to return to work, I plan to do the push from my accomodation to the train station every work day for the next month, whatever the weather, whatever the temperature, whatever my physical condition. I'll post a different selfie for each day, to show you the nick I'll be in.

This will be hard going for me, as I'm not by any stretch comfortable or adept at using a wheelchair, and hoofing it uphill through busy morning traffic to the train station everyday be it dry, warm, wet and cold will be a trial. In a wheelchair, if you're caught in the rain, it isn't as simple as getting quickly dried off and changed...

You'll see.

As ever, the money raised will go to Spinal Injuries Scotland, who continue to support those of us with spinal cord injuries.


  • On my return from the station (Still Day 4)
  • Day 8 and the local coffee vendor wanted in on the action! Al Cappuccino folks, ever in Arbroath - get some coffee! +6