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Fundraising for Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

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  • Event: Virgin London Marathon 2010, 25 Apr 2010

Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

We train hearing dogs for deaf people to provide independence and companionship

Charity Registration No. 293358


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

After being inspired by watching The London Marathon on TV earlier this year I decided ( before I hit the big 50 and my boobs hit the floor ) that I wanted to run the Marathon in 2010!. Yes, I knew that it would mean giving up Snickers ( why did they change the name from Marathon ), curries and whisky but hey something was needed to ward off a mid life crisis!


Unfortunately my initial application was unsuccessful with the public ballot entry being massively oversubscribed. HOWEVER, THIS WASN'T THE END OF THE ROAD. With my " sorry you haven't got a place " letter came a magazine detailing the charities that offered guaranteed places through the London Marathon Gold Bond Scheme. After trawling through the list I found an advert for Hearing Dogs For Deaf People. This wasn't a charity that I was aware of but as most of you know I love dogs and I have two mad border collies of my own ( you have probably seen me out running with them, or attached to my bike or generally running riot around Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay ) and I wanted to know more.

Hearing Dogs For Deaf People select and train dogs to respond to specific sounds. Hearing dogs alert deaf people by touch using a paw to gain attention and lead them back to the sound source. Hearing dogs alert their deaf owners to sounds we take for granted, providing greater independence , confidence and security. Nearly nine million of the uk population experience some degree of hearing loss. That's one person in every seven. Over 650,000 of these are severely or profoundly deaf and could benefit from a hearing dog. Hearing dogs change lives.

Impressed with what I had read, boosted by a partially deaf chap that I work with who raved about this charity and spurred on by several deaf people that I meet on my postie rounds I thought " hey lets give it a whirl". I applied and I was accepted. Gulp!

In return for a Gold Bond Place I need to raise money for the Charity ~ this is where you guys come in! Note that this charity receives no government funding. It relies solely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to continue helping deaf people and unwanted puppies. Whatever you can give will make a tremendous difference.For example,

�150 buys a puppy socialising kit

�1,000 sponsors a kennel for a year, supporting accommodation and welfare for at least 6 hearing dogs in training

�1,200 helps towards the cost of assessing, selecting and recruiting 8 dogs from Ireland Rescue Centres where the problems of abandoned dogs remains a major one.

Please, please, please dig deep / offer a raffle prize/ offer to have your legs or anything else waxed / help me post some fliers ~ anything to raise money gor this fantastic charity.

I will keep you posted on the various events coming up over the next 6 months so I hope to see each and every one of you somewhere along the line showing your support for me and my doggies!

Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!!!


Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate - I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

So please dig deep and donate now.


26th October 2009

Well this is it the training schedule has begun but today is a REST DAY!!!!

So we have our first event planned. Friday November 20th a Quiz Night at Olde Wyrley Hall so we have put up several posters around the village everybody welcome ring me on 07766743855 for details .

2nd November 2009

Training going ok the dogs are my training partners, having nightmare sessions with Lottie because of the fireworks, swop dogs to Skye and its even worse!!!

9th November 2009

Up to 8 miles and enjoying it but its early days, dogs still not tired!

16th November 2009

Its all gone pear shaped thanks to Dusty the horse who has kicked me in the back of the ankle, so we are having an easy week, getting nervous about the quiz night what if nobody turns up? What if too many turn up and the room can't hold them oooohh the stress i need a drink!!

22nd November 2009

Well what can I say my first organized event was a Quiz Night at Olde Wyrley Hall it was great , we had 21 teams turn up Dave the Quiz Master was brilliant, so was the food ( Cheers Salem ) and we made a grand total of �337.00, many thanks went to Mary and Pauline for doing the raffle , Ken and Kim for the free room hire and also to the girls at Home farm who bought the shark !!!

29th November 2009

Wow there is a lot to say about sports bras what a difference they make!!! I have got a new training partner, Stan my super hubby has got his bike out!! What motivation that is!! 

07 December 2009

What a laugh ten mile run, get home and Stan falls off his bike! No bones broken and only his pride injured. Have brought some ear muffs which have proved to be a godsend on the cold dark nights.

04 January 2010

OMG this bloody snow is doing my head in!! Treadmill Christmas present so I can run in the comfort and warmth doesnt work waiting for another!!

06 January 2010

Great! new treadmill arrives but cant play because i have achillees tendonitis thanks to trudging through the snow on my post round, cant get work shoes on either so i am wearing trainers and 3 freezer bags on each foot and to top it all I now have chillblains.

14 January 2010

Made a trip to Runners World in Sutton Coldfield, and got kitted out with some proper trainers that are going to make me run like the wind!! had to have some with support because on video i run like a 3 legged donkey on my right foot....Had some socks too with extra protection in all the right places, they even have L and R on them incase i don,t know which foot to put them on!!!

15 January 2010

Hells Bells got blisters off the new trainers, i am turning into a wreck!  Had enough so we booked a holiday to escape the rubbish weather.....off to Egypt.  but did book a hotel with a gym and a treadmill.

28 January 2010

New trainers, socks , sportsbra and bikinis packed and off on our jollies.

29 January 2010

Kitted out ( not in bikini i hasten to add ) and set off for the gym.....Well it should have been condemned, wires hanging out the back of every machine, no buttons to operate anything, what a disaster so off to the bar i went!

15 February 2010

I am going to be famous!!!!! The Royal Mail Press Office is sending out my story to the local newspapers, to try to drum me up some support and boost my fund raising, Express and Star And Cannock Chase Post showed some interest, and on the 16th February I headed off to King George playing fields in Bloxwich for a photoshoot with Skye and Lottie in tow. Skye bless her made the papers but not Lottie as she was too naughty!!

20 February 2010

Went for a ten mile run joined by my daughter in law Stephanie Brown on her bike, then on the night we held a Skittles Night with a Fish and Chip Supper organised by Pauline and Alan Kelsey and raised a fabulous total of �276.00

01 March 2010

My claim to fame in the newspapers has started to reap its rewards and the donations have started to roll in.

08 March 2010

My get up and go has got up and gone, did ten miles with Stan joining me on his bike and I was absolutely shattered, I am now starting to panic!! The training schedule I am following then jumps to 18 miles this weekend..............Watch this space. Have a 10km race this Sunday In Fradley followed by Stafford Half Marathon on 21st March...OMG!

11 March 2010

Fantastic news I have just been given a cheque for �200 by the Great Wyrley Towns Womens Guild, from money raised from their annual pantomime, Thank you so much i am well chuffed! xxxxx

14 March 2010

10km race today at Fradley, weather was good although a little windy had a good run and finished in 50:18 and felt as if i could have carried on the training must be paying off!

19 March 2010

Quiz Night at Olde Wyrley Hall and what a turn out, the place was heaving and we raised a grand total of �460.00, thanks to everybody who supported us and especially to Dave the Quiz Master he was fab xx

20 March  2010

I had a hangover!!!!

21 March 2010

Stafford Half Marathon another good day weather wise poor old Stan was at work but i was looked after and chauffered to Stafford by my good friend Lynda who got me into this running lark ! Was quite a hilly course but finished in 1:54 :15 which i was well chuffed with and Lynda was a good supporter thanks mate love ya xxx

28 March 2010

What a difference a week makes, went out on an 18 mile training run, wasnt at all motivated, was by myself and by 2 miles had had enough my legs were like jelly and felt like lead, and i thought what the hell am i doing??? I was so tempted to make a short cut up Norton Lane but didnt want to be dissapointed in myself when I got home ,so stuck it out and got home in 2hours 54 min thinking OMG on the day another 8 miles to go!! but on the day the atmosphere will be fab and we are all going to look barmy in our dog ears and tail!!! Have another long run planned for Easter Friday!

03 April 2010

Stan the man to the rescue he had a rare Saturday off work and joined me for 19 mile run, certainly helps when you have company took me 3 hours and 3 minutes, so we went out later to celebrate with Brown Juniors and Sue and Ian Beesley to our second home The Village Lodge, and a damn good night was had by all.

07 April 2010

Not long to go now, we have a good support team travelling down to London, including Stan,Mom, Dad, sister Joanne, nephew Sam, Steve and Steph Brown, Sue Beesley, Lynda and Martin Moore,Fiona and LydiaWhitehouse, Lisa and Jim Nealen, and the relatives already there, Auntie Sandra, Uncle Dick, cousin Zoe and Jack. Thanks to Hannah at Hearing Dogs who has provided this rabble with Hearing Dogs T Shirts.

13 April 2010

Thanks to Royal Mail I have received a cheque for �200 to boost the funds they have kindly match funded ( up to �200 ) for the Skittles night we held in February. Thank you Queenie xx

16 April 2010

Thanks to my cousin Lesley, her husband Stewart and  my 2nd cousin Edward Hearing Dogs are an extra £50.00 better off. xxxx

18 April 2010

OMG only a week to go and I am so excited. Stan and I are travelling to London on Friday morning, and then meeting up with the rest of the Hearing Dogs team on Saturday afternoon - no alcohol to be drunk!! and then Sunday the big day we have a rendez vous at the bandstand in Greenwich Park at 8am as this is where we start . This is the red start and i am running number 39989, so keep an eye out for us all as we are wearing Hearing Dog vests, ears and tails!! Plus i have a purple streak in my hair so my Nan can spot me easier !!!!

20 April 2010

A nice cheque for £26 which = £1 per mile gratefully accepted from Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jim. 5 days to go and I cant quite believe I am actually going to be in the marathon instead of watching it on tv, im getting all emotional just watching the adverts for it so I definately will not be wearing mascara next Sunday!

23 April 2010

Well this is it we are off to catch the train......Wish me luck xx

23 April 2010

Accommodation is great, so thats a good start, heading for the Excel Centre so we can go and register. Everything is extremely well organised, picked up my race number and timing chip and headed for the pub.... Pasta and water only though aren't I good. Off to the theatre at night to see Phantom Of The Opera for the 10th time!!

24 April 2010

Had a trip to Greenwich Park to find the Bandstand which is where we had arranged to congregate on race morning and then back to Excel to meet the rest of Hearing Dog Runners, where we spent a good couple of hours in the pub!!Stan and I then met up with Lynda and Martin Moore and we had an early tea then found Susan Beasley and Fiona and Lydia Whitehouse....more members of my support team. Off we went for an early night and the rest of the rabble went to the theatre.

25 April 2010

Well here it is,was awake at 3am, up at 4.45 had breakfast and we left the apartment at 6.15am Met up with the other runners for Hearing Dogs and had a photo shoot!, then the rain came., but it stopped as we lined up. And Off We Went!! On route I saw Holly and Sam Branson and Princess Beatrice, i really wanted to see Bob Hope from Emmerdale!!

Well I did it.... 4 hours 24 min and 35 secs, and off me and Stan went to the Institute of Directors In Pall Mall to the Hearing Dogs Party. Had a quick reunion with Mom, Dad, Uncle Dick, sister Joanne, nephew Sam, and niece Hannah more of my supporters before I had a massage.... Bliss.

26 April 2010

Back home, picked up the terrible twosome from the kennels and then on to my suprise from Stan for running the marathon... a peugeot convertable, Thank You Mr Brown xxxx

27 April 2010

My legs ache like hell and I feel that I have been run over by a steam roller!! On the plus side have had £26.00 from Ma and pa, Mr and Mrs Poxton, Paul Simkin, and a lovely £50 from Auntie Doris Brown Thank you all so much xx

06 May 2010

Another big thank you to the Royal Mail for match funding my Quiz Night and another fab cheque for £200.00


Many thanks to Pauline Kelsey and Cath Caddick who harassed people wherever they went to get me additional sponsors, several off people who did not know me!!!


June 02 2010

Total of sponsor money from my sponsor forms  = £1234.50

This was AGAIN matched by £200.00 by Royal Mail.

Never Ever should any of you guys slate the Royal Mail as they have given me £600.00 over the last 8 months!!!! and I am proud to work for them.


July 2010

Time to total up my collection box and we have £68.50 so our Grand Total for London Marathon 2010 for



£2997.00 from Offline Donations and

£2053.00 from Online Donations


This is amazing, we have doubled what I wanted to raise and I am so pleased.


I would like to thank each and every one of you for sponsoring me, those of you who supported me in the Quiz Nights and Skittle Nights, those who donated raffle prizes, those who trained with me either by bike  (Stan The Man and Stephanie Brown ) or on foot  ( Lynda Moore ) and of course not forgetting Skye and Lottie Brown.

Tracy and the girls at Chequers Hair Salon for all their support with the Name the Bear and Name the Pair!!

Olde Wyrley Hall for providing the room for both Quiz Nights and Dave the Quiz Master. 

A big thank you to Alan Kelsey for running the Skittle Nights.Pauline Kelsey and Cath Caddick for running round with the raffle tickets and of course the Royal Mail for their matched funding.

The biggest thanks to my Marathon on the day supporters who were:-

Stan The Man, Mom and Dad, Joanne and Sam, Lynda and Martin, Ste and Steph, Sue, Fiona and Lydia, Lisa and Jimmy, Auntie Sandra, Uncle Dick, Zoe and Jack.

And last but certainly not least Hannah Phillips and the brilliant team at Hearing Dogs For Deaf People, who work extremely hard day in and day out to raise money for a fantastic charity.

I have had the best time and I am now extremely sad it is all over....... but hey the name is down for next year

Watch This Space.............................xxxxxxxxxxxx





  • Me and Fern the Hearing Dog at the end
  • Well deserved drinks afterwards
  • My Finish Time +6