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In memory of my husband David Driscoll,who sadly lost his battle to throat cancer on 26th August 2012. I will be walking the Camino de Santiago a 600 mile pilgrimage, leaving London 21st May 2014. PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, NO DONATION TOO SMALL

walking the Camino de Santiago for Throat Cancer Foundation because for the good work & support they provide,

26 %
raised of £1,500 target
by 21 supporters

Throat Cancer Foundation

We offer information, support and community to those facing a throat cancer diagnosis, their carers and loved ones. TCF works to reduce future cases of cancer. This includes: funding research into prevention and cure, advocating healthier lifestyles and campaigning for universal HPV vaccination.

Charity Registration No. SC043439


I then carried on walking and realized something had fallen from my backpack so I went back again, God only knows how far and I was so fed up I took my pack off to get something out and what was there. the things I thought I lost! what a DINLO LOB! so I start off again, it is climbing the Pyrenees, so it's very steep and quite scary at times! as I was reaching Zubiri it was getting dark and you have to walk over very slippery granite with streams running through some of it! I could feel my dad with me he was a young man he didn't speak to me although, I felt very comforted by the experience! I hope he comes to me again, also I would love to have an experience with my David or any loved ones who gave gone before RIP! I finally reached Zubiri at 10.30pm walking from 9.30am that morning?! I reached the albergue exhausted, it was 15Euro with breakfast. There wasn't much to look at in Zubiri, so I wrote in my diary and started off for Pamplona at about 11.45am I reached Pamplona atjust before 7pm, good doing ay!g stayed at the Jesus Maria hospital, although I needed a rest day but was told I'd have to go to a hotel pmsl! on £45 a week that's really gonna happen NOT! I've found k perfect shelter behind the City Hall. The 1st night I stayed prayed to St Jude to help me find somewhere to wash? along came a beautiful lady called Angel, she asked if I needed anything, so I asked if it would be ok to use her toilet? she made me coffee, let me shower, do my hair, use her computer? she really is an Angel. one more night at city hall and then I'll be on my way to Puente La that's 25km from here, should do it easy, if I lose something it can stay lost, this is hard work carrying 13kilo on me back, sorry for the late update. photos . will be uploaded tomorrow please help me by sharing this page on Facebook ? if you have it? that's it for now folks 3/5/2014 @21.38pm, right now I'm going to find my spot take my medication and have an earlyish start (about 11 xx God bless love and peace Andrea xx I arrived at st Jean Pead de Port safe and sound and slept in a refuge, this was €17 a little above what I had expected to pay, but it was a lovely refuge. The next morning I headed the mountain road to Orreson, such beautiful countrysideWell, I am on my 10 th day of mya Camino, I slept outside in Orisson, as I couldn't afford to pay the €33 that they were asking! the 2nd ,option they gave me was to sleep 2km down the road where I met the man already and had a smoke with him, there was another male pilgrim there and I had a gut feeling I did not want to sleep in a house with 2 men, I then then when I expressed my concerns and asked if k could buy food to put into my food container and sleep outside the hostel where I know would be safer! I was told she would not put food in my container but told me take cheese sandwich and go! 800 metres away from the hostel, by this stage I was very tired and it was getting dark, I found a piece of land that was not seen from the road although there was a very steep hill and 3metres of flat land. anyway the next morning was found by 3 pilgrims who stopped a car and immediately told me to get in, they took me back to the refuge in Orisson, who phoned am ambulance, I insisted I did not want to go to the hospital, they told me my temperature was below 30 and they took me back to Bayone where I had come to get the train so St Jean Pead de Port. so basically I was back to where I Ruari! I kept saying I want to go and they told me they had to do tests MRI Nor CAT SCAN, and monitor me through the night, they even put a nappy on me, luckily I did not need to use it :o, I got up in the morning and had a shower, I feel ok, a little more skatty due to the concussion! I don't remember hitting my head although it's sore at the back and I also have a scratch going from near my tear duct down. a couple of mm more an I could of lost my sight! I discharged myself from hospital (without realizing it) they may of well of been chatting Chinese to me! lol. Anyway I feel ok apart from my right hand and my knee an elbow are stabbed over and my head being a little sore:(. I've not a clue how I hit my head any way the day I discharged myself I went back to St Jean Pead de Port when I got there the woman gave me a coffee and a snack. 5 minits later the police turned up, as there was no room left) in St Jean, the police drove me 4km up the road to an albergue there that had beds. .The next morning I set off for Roncevaux, there it was excellent for washing clothes very clean and very nice people. .From there I had to walk about 22km to Zubiri this would of been quite simple, if I didn't have to go to the doctors (who gave me no medication, as I lost 2 strips of medication!, I didn't get it, by the time I went to the supermarket I realised I, left my backpack cover behind! so off I trot with my tail between my legs!  Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Anyone who knew my husband David probably knew him as "Chelsea" Dave for his love of chelsea football club, my David did love his football. Also many of his friends from his youth knew him as Oscar, though not alotta people know that!

David was most definitely a people person, he would talk to anybody, young and old, rich  or poor. If he was your  friend he would stand by you through thick and thin! as long as you treated him with  the same respect he showed you, he was a friend for life. 

I feel privileged to have been his wife and to carry his name is an honor. David was such a special person, he had such a great sense of humour, and was so generous and kind and would do anything  for the people he loved. So now I want to do this in his memory to raise as much as I can for The Throat Cancer Foundation.(reg. charity number SCO43439 AND IT'S A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION)  

Dave was a real character he was a very loyal person not only to myself and his 4 step-children, but also his family. His father two brothers, sister-in-law  4 nephews and his niece, they ment the world to him and he was very proud of them all. Also his good friends who stood by him in his last months you know who you are, especially his good mate Rasher (Darren Whiteley) who took the time to come to visit him, you will never know how much that ment to him, thank you.

Now I will tell you a little about myself my name is Catherine Andrea Driscoll, although my mum wanted to call me Cate, I had 5 elder sisters who were determined to call me Andrea so that stuck to this day my poor mum didn't have a chance, mores the pity as I much prefer the name Cate. I thought that I should mention this as its  a little confusing for you I'm sure!!

Since losing David on the 26th August 2012, it has left me feeling anxious, depressed and totally lost in myself. I find it difficult to do daily tasks, there are days I don't want to face the world, because of this I have been on benefits of £111 every 2 weeks out of this I have to pay £20 rent and general bills like gas and electric. (hence the reason I've been sponsored by the kindness of the people  mentioned  below) I hope to get some form of spiritual healing from this, to try to bring some form of meaning back into my life.  I will be walking my camino on a budget of £45 a week which is about 5to6 euro a day. which is a extremely hard task.

After watching the movie "The Way" staring Martin Sheen it totally inspired me to do this as its something I totally feel I can benefit from. Also it is an opportunity for me to raise money for The Throat Cancer Foundation UK. This charity not only helps people with throat cancer but also their family and anyone else who is affected by this awful form of cancer. 

I will arrive in St Jean Pead de Port in Southern  France, on 21nd of May, where I will pick up Camino passport, this will be stamped along the way.  On the 22nd of May I will then begin my Camino, to walk the path of St James to Santiago de Compostela.  I will go to mass in the cathedral of St James to celebrate my safe arrival. After spending a few days in Santiago, I will then make my way to Fisterra and then Muxia, at the ocean.  Pilgrims in the middle ages believed this was the end of the world.  After this I shall either make my way back home to London or maybe Ireland to have a good rest.

  I would also like to thank the many people from the Camino de Santiago forum who provided me with my walking boots and lots of  the equipment I can't do without, and my Camino would not be possible without you all.

 I would like to say a BIG  thank you  to people of Herne Hill who have contributed towards my return air fare, travel expenses, backpack, waking sandals, first aid kit also a few small things like a headlamp sewing kit ect.!!(although I'm not there yet)) though it won't tile too long with your generous support!   THANK YOU SO , SO MUCH, MY CAMINO WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE HELP ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE DONATED ALREADY XX

 I would like to add that I understand I have to make sacrifices myself, hence the reason I sold my tumble dryer with which brought my flight and passport.

I would be so greatful if you could sponsor me as much as you can afford although I would be so greatful for any donation no matter how small, as it all adds up for this worthwhile charity. I know it will help a lot of people who were in our position, I know we could of benefited from this charity, which was not up and running when David was alive.

Please be generous I am sure if you knew David you will definitely want to sponsor me in his memory.

I look forward to my Camino and hope and pray I will get some form of spiritual healing from this.

Thanx once more for your sponsorship. Please share this page with your friends and family to help me raise as much for this charity as possible.

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If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. 

God bless, peace and love Andrea xx


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