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We rescue, rehome, neuter and educate to improve the lives of cats and kittens

Charity Registration No. 203644 & SCO37711


Cats Protection Glasgow Branch rescues and re-homes over 160 cats each year, and provides assistance with neutering costs for over 300 cats and kittens annually. The branch is self-funding and has to raise over £15,000 a year to provide food, shelter and vet care to the cats in our care. Our branch is run solely by volunteers.

Please consider making a donation to help the cats in our care. Or perhaps you would like to sponsor one of our long-term cats in care...



If you are currently unable to adopt a cat or are looking for an ideal gift for a loved one then perhaps you would like to sponsor one of these long-term residents? For £15 you can sponsor one of our very deserving cats for a year, contributing towards his or her meals and medical expenses. You will receive a welcome pack with a photo of the cat you are sponsoring and regular updates on how he or she is getting on throughout the year.

A picture and description of each of our sponsored cats can be found below. If you would like to sponsor one (or more!) of them then please get in contact with the branch. You can do this via the form on the 'Contact Us' webpage on the branch website (http://bit.ly/wJSZrR) or give us a phone on 0845 371 2722 and leave a message on the answerphone asking for a 'sponsor a cat' application form (don't forget to tell us your name and address if you phone). We will post a sponsorship form out to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can download the Sponsor a Cat form (http://bit.ly/16BocMi), print it out, fill it in and post it to our address (see the 'Contact Us' webpage again for this). Thanks.


Harvey - 3 ½ years old

Harvey, our special little boy that came to us just before Xmas 2012 through "Gumtree" - advertised as a "10 week old kitten with two broken legs but is fine and runs around like the rest..."

So he came into out care & after taking him to the Glasgow Vet School we discovered he had “Radial Agenisis” – a deformity of the front legs where the ulna & radius bones which connect the upper half of the front legs to his paws are missing ( http://bit.ly/1dFrBu7 )

Harvey is now 3 & a half years old and look at him now. His adopter has been shown how to massage & work Harvey’s legs to keep them supple and mobile. He still attends the vet school for regular check-ups & assessments and is pain free. Due to his condition Harvey will be susceptible to arthritis and other underlying health problems which will come as he gets older. All monies raised in respect of Harvey’s operation have so far paid for his vet consultations & physiotherapy and the branch pays for his food and any other medical care.

Update from fosterer:

He is a happy, outgoing cat who does occasionally enjoy the odd bit of mischief but that’s just to keep his family on their toes.

FREDDIE - 8 years old

Freddie who suffers from Feline, Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is doing well and is on a special diet to help keep the condition under control.

He likes to sit on the hearth, must enjoy the heat. He is a very gentle boy; he loves to sit at the sink, in the hope of catching a drip from the tap or just sitting watching the world go by. He likes to hang out down at the school in the hope that someone will stop and speak to him, and most people do.

Update from long term fosterer:

He likes to come for a walk round the block with our dog Lucy too. As you can see from the last photo he did not want his photo taken, he was being camera shy.

TALA - 15 years old

Tala came into care with his brother Simba due to an allergy in the family. Tala is a Singapura and Simba was a Blue Abyssinian. On first medical examination of the cats, both had severe medical problems and sadly Simba lost his fight in November 2010. Tala has a significant heart murmur.

Update from long term fosterer:

Tala is in fine health these days. He doesn't need to have his heart checked anymore as the Vets think he's had his murmur since birth. So even though it's a significant murmur it's not likely to change. Other than that he spends most of his time chatting - he's very, very, very talkative. We have a working coal fire in our flat, the second we light the coal he appears right in front of it and doesn't move until it goes out - Tala's fosterer.

LOUISE - 12 years old

Louise came into contact with her long term fosterer in Aug 2004, she came from the quarry in Kirkintilloch, she was brought in with her sister but she was hit by a car the following Dec. She's a great wee girl, she rubs on my legs when I'm putting her dinner out but soon as I touch her she backs off.

Update from long term fosterer:

Louise is doing well gets on great with Missie and Terri but my other boy Tupac is not too keen on her never has been in the 9 years I've had her don't think he'll come round now

PADDY - 14 years old

This is Paddy, a 14 year old semi feral, who lives in our long terms fosterer’s home and has done since he was a kitten. He was a feral kitten born in Drumchapel. He will not let us pet him, he is a very independent wee cat and can be very bossy when he likes, but he does gets on we'll with the other cats. His two brothers were homed but he decided it was not for him and came back into care. He loves the garden and he is the mouse catcher of the group, I can pet him when he is in the mood but this is not often.

Update from long term fosterer:

Paddy, it doing well had his coat stripped later summer for winter coming in and looking very handsome, needs that done as he will not let me brush him,He loves the outdoors and only comes in when it's very wet & windy.

GIZZY - 12 years old

We got Gizzy and his brother Ozzy in January 2004 when they were about 12 weeks old. Both were feral, totally unfriendly, manic and semi wild. We persevered with them both and Ozzy was homed. Try as we might, we couldn't get Gizzy to come round, and, eventually we reached a compromise - he tolerated us – just!

Update from long term fosterer:

I still get frightened by my own shadow, (as well as the wind / weather / other cats / dogs / Mum and Dad / and most other things as well!) I am getting a bit braver and even risk a clap and tickle on Mum’s lap….but not Dad’s!....he’s too fierce for me, but I do let him have an odd clap at me when I’m sidling past him, but only when it suits me!


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