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Kelis memorial page

Fundraising for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charity

34 %
raised of £3,000 target
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Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Hi all the reason I’ve set up this page is to raise much needed funds for the Preston motor neurone disease charity who looked after my beautiful partner keli who was helped by them most of you know what and when it all happened but for those who don’t i will tell you 

We were sat at home one evening late November 2017 having a glass of wine when keli dropped hers as a joke I said I would call the doctor and she said just pour me another we laughed about it and didn’t think any more about it a few days later it happened again 

A couple of weeks later she felt a pain in her foot this time I told her she was going to the doctors as some of you know she was a bit stubborn and refused saying it was nothing to worry about . She was due a prescription and I told her I’d forget to order it so she would have to go get it herself but I had made a appointment to see the doctor she went in and he requested that she sees a specialist at the hospital and would get a appointment within 6weeks  early December we went to see the doctor at the hospital he did some tests and told her he would be in touch as it was so close to Christmas she swore me to secrecy as the kids didn’t need to know what was going on 

I got a call from the hospital asking if keli could come in for tests just after Christmas and could she come ASAP as they wanted her in .well for two weeks they ran test after test then keli rang me at work saying they had her results and needed someone with her there

We went into a side room and the specialist couple of students doctors and a lady were sat in there we sat down and the doctor told us there’s no easy way to tell you this but you have a condition called motor neurone disease there is no cure and you have 18 months to 2years to live if your lucky it hit us like a ton of bricks at that point keli ran out of the room and I followed asking if they could stay there for a minute while I settled keli so I could talk to them about it when I got back in there were two people left a young nurse and the lady I saw called Wendy the doctors had left the room by then i asked the nurse why the doctors were so blunt she replied he a specialist and that’s how it is then she left the only person left in the room was Wendy and she said I’m the one who will help us 

Well as most of you would agree to be told that would break the hardest of you  it ruined me and I was ment to be the tough one but as time was limited we wouldn’t tell anyone we lied to the kids that it wasn’t as serious as it was but they new something was wrong 

We were told that in six months keli would need to come in for a review but in the meantime the mnd team tried everything the physios also but by the time of the review came round she had lost the feeling on her right side

Fast forward to Christmas 2018 and little did we know that would be our last one together with the kids and each other but she did us proud that day she was in immense pain and didn’t want to show it

We always loved going on holidays always getting away when we could d but she didn’t want to fly anymore so we got a camper van and did long weekends away our last one was to Cornwall she had a bit of a cough but didn’t think any more about it we had a great few days but the cough got worse so we came home and went to the hospital they moved her straight to a ward for breathing problems it was then we were told she needed to have a cough assist machine  she was on the ward for 6 weeks when a nurse suggested that she goes to the local hospice(st Catherine’s). for respite  but after a couple of months she wanted to come home

That was July we tried to stay positive throughout the next couple of months Chantel was there from 8in the morning till 5 when I finished work and got home 

On the 10 September  I came home she was sat up with the kids laughing and joking  my brother called me for a chat and I told him that we might even get Christmas together as she looked well  she thanked the kids for coming which was unusual but didn’t think any thing about it that night we chatted and I gave her a massage she even let me brush her hair  she was so chilled she nodded of about 10  I couldn’t sleep that night @310 am next morning she woke up and said do you know how much I love ya give me a kiss big man so I did and told her to go to sleep I nodded off and 6-24 woke up she had gone 

All the way from the day we found out and still now the support from the mnd team has been the most amazing anyone could wish for at the worst time of life 

The mnd Preston are a nhs department but the equipment they supply for end of life comfort is totally funded by charity donations and the couch assist machine that helped keli breath is one of two they have for the northwest and south Cumbria area the team who looked after us try anything to raise cash justto help people like keli 

I am trying to raise as much as possible and am doing a skydive (I’m scared of heights) also a charity auction and raffles  please help me raise as much as possible for this fantastic cause 

Thanks for reading our story      Chris xx