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I am running the Race to the Stones ultramarathon for The Prison Phoenix Trust CIO because I like to set myself a new challenge each year.

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  • Event: Race to the Stones, 11 Jul 2015 to 12 Jul 2015

The Prison Phoenix Trust CIO

The Prison Phoenix Trust brings hope and healing to prisoners with the disciplines of yoga and meditation, based on silence and the breath. The Trust trains and supports qualified yoga teachers for work in prisons - in substance misuse, anger management and education programmes. Prisoners are invited to practise daily in their cells and supported by 150 weekly classes in 87 prisons in the UK and Ireland. The PPT encourages them with correspondence, free resource books, CDs, and quarterly newsletters, and also works with prison staff and officers in 20 weekly classes.

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I plan to do the 100k (62 miles) non stop and expect to take about 15 hours to complete it. The course is set out along the Ridgeway footpath from Chinnor in Bucks to the Stone circle in Avebury Wilts. This will be by far the longest race I have ever entered, previously doing numerous marathons and the Compton 40 miler once, so I expect this race to be difficult!

I am doing this race in support of The Prison Phoenix Trust. As a prison officer, I started doing yoga with the Prison Phoenix Trust a couple of years ago, mainly as a means of stretching tight legs muscles from the years of high mileage. As well as helping with flexibility and having less injuries, the relaxation techniques have been of great benefit (I normally find  an excuse not to relax such as other things need doing, or I could go for a run!), so The Phoenix Trusts classes been appreciated.

The Prison Phoenix Trust's work within the Prison environment can really benefit prisoners. For most of them it is something new that they would never of thought about doing before, but once it becomes a habit for them it can really benefit them, from relaxation techniques to building confidence. Anything that can help reduce offending and help people to make the changes required to lead a law-abiding life is a worthwhile cause.