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Canterbury Oast Trust

We support people with learning disability to live confident independent lives.

Charity Registration No. 291662


I'm trying to raise money for an amazing charity that has helped my disabled brother (pictured - left) to live a happy life and develop to his full potential.

Typically when a disabled person reaches school leaving age, the opportunities available to them dry up almost completely.

It seems that they are either destined to languish at home for the rest of their lives or go into care. Worse still, care in the community, an oxymoron if ever there was one. 

The Canterbury Oast Trust creates an environment where disabled people can live and work independently but within a safe environment overseen by wonderful, professional carers.

My brother lives on a farm, works in the woods doing forestry, and spends his evenings with his friends. He gets the chance to take part in activities like swimming and crafts and he can go shopping or to the pub. And he can do all of this in a completely safe environment.

This place is invaluable, not only to the people who live there but to the parents who worry about their disabled childrens' futures and would otherwise be fretting constantly about their kids ending up in a faceless care home when they eventually die.

The trust relies almost purely on charitable donations to keep it running.

Please give whatever you can to keep the charity going and to allow it to continue with it's work.

Thank you