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Cycling around the world for JUMP

I am cycling around the world in support of JUMP for Jump because It is such a wonderful children's charity.

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We provide photography services to create memories for life limited kids

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Thank you for all your support

I'm completely new to cycle touring and cycling is not even my hobby, so this is my first ever attempt at touring and I'm not doing bad. Not being a regular cyclist, I found it very painful and a completely alien experience, but I have adapted. 

I have completely self-funding this adventure through working had my entire life, and I am travelling solo and unsupported. 

My support comes from knowing that I have so many people behind me on this and because I'm supporting this great charity, so thank you all.

All the money donated goes straight to JUMP, I receive nothing from JUMP and receive nothing from any of the donations, so please give what you can.

To qualify as a circumnavigation, I have to complete a minimum of 18,000 cycling miles and also pass 2 points on the Earth that are opposite, so I chose Madrid as my fist point which is now complete, and Wellington New Zealand as my second. 

As a solo cycling traveller I would have to say that the physical side is maybe around the 30-40% if that, and the rest is simply mental :)

What adds to the adventure to me, is that I don't have a planned cycle route, other than I'm going East. I only have target cities or points in mind. 

Taking each day as it comes, not knowing where I am sleeping, eating, or what is in front of me, is real adventure to me. There have been times when I have had to drag my bike into the bushes to wild camp because there was nothing else. 

I have had to ask people who were outside their homes if I could please have water because my bottle were empty with no shop in sight, and never once have I been refused.

Thank you to all those who I have met along the way, who have kindly donated to my chosen charity JUMP.

So stay tuned :)) 

Please donate anything you can, to this truly great little charity.

Many thanks to you all. 


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