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Mount Kilimanjaro Climb - 4th September 2010

Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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For all the kind people who have generously donated to our charity, I would like to say a very big thank you and I wanted to send you a link to my webpage, which provides some details of our adventure.  There is a video montage, an account of our summit night that Jason has done and finally, a slightly longer than anticipated slide-show of photos.  I hope you get the chance to read or view some of the images, which will give you a flavour of our experiences on the mountain.  Thank you once again for your kind donation, it is really appreciated.


Our Kilimanjaro Climb progress by Jason Brook

More photographs to follow....

21 Hours Ago - Had a lazy rest day including a nap this afternoon.  Tired, but coming around now.  So glad to be home.

6.52AM 11th September 2010 - Above the clouds, but still below the peak! http://twitpic.com/2n93yn  

3.21AM 11th September 2010 - 4am local.  On route from Moshi to Kilimanjaro airport for flight to Nairobi.  I ache!

8.20PM 10th September 2010 - Top of Africa!  http://twitpic.com/2n3b7j  

8.20PM 10th September 2010 - Back at the park gate http://twitpic.com/2n3axz  

8.19PM 10th September 2010 - Our support team! http://twitpic.com/2n3aq7  

8.18PM 10th September 2010 - Mum & Dad - quite a way to go! http://twitpic.com/2n3aha  

8.17PM 10th September 2010 - Camp 2.  I am still smiling http://twitpic.com/2n3a3m  

1.42PM 10th September 2010 - Last lunch. Done 7.5m this morning. 4.5m through rainforest to go

7.55AM 10th September 2010 - 12 mile hike back to base. Everyone ok, but looking forward to a hot shower!

4.35PM 9th September 2010- I cannot express the emotion you feel when you finally see the summit marker...

4.32PM 9th September 2010 - Thanks for support and texts. This has not been a walk in the park!

4.29PM 9th September 2010 - We have been walking today for 15hrs. 11 out of 15 of us made it. Everyone ok

4.27PM 9th September 2010 - We did it! Without doubt the hardest physical experience of my life. 

7.34PM 7th September 2010 - Nearly the end of my tweets. No signal once we leave this camp until perhaps the summit.

7.31PM 7th September 2010 - Everyone getting ready for bed. From 6.30 am tomorrow the next 24 hrs will be brutal!

7.03PM 7th September 2010 - Evening meal. Potato soup (they say) pasta with sauce. Note the lack of description

7.03PM 7th September 2010 - Good spirits. Quite a few with headache now, but not too bad. People sleeping a lot!!!

22 Hours ago - Climatisation day...4.5hr hike up to 4350m only to have to return to camp 2 at 3720m. Morale good

4.40PM - 6th September 2010 - Arrived camp 2 after 6.5hrs. Distance 7.5miles which shows how slow it has to be - 3720m

12.21PM 6th September 2010 - First music as we pass 3500m Top Gun soundtrack- although I don't feel the need for speed

12.13PM 6th September 2010 - 3449m just had lunch. In the clouds now. Getting colder again. Could do with a pizza express here!

10.29AM - 6th September 2010 - 3239m mountain moorland. Nice gentle breeze. No need for rocky soundtrack yet!

6.55AM - 6th September - Day 2 -up at 6.30. Bumped into mum in her virgin atlantic sleepsuit ...he he. Warming up quickly

6.55PM - 5th September 2010 - Pitch black and very cold. Food was pretty good. Glad I brought the pepper sachets!

4.08PM - 5th September 2010 - Arrived first camp. Good day. rucksack too heavy. Will lose some gadgets. Noticably colder 2720m

8.19AM 5th September 2010 - First sight of kili....OH MY GOD!!!!!

7.52AM 5th September 2010 - Final picture before departure... http://twitpic.com/2lf88t

6.19AM 5th September 2010 - Final kit checks and preparations now. Good night sleep last night. Leaving in about 1 hr

7.13PM 4th September 2010 - First meal in Tanzania...conclusion? Won't have to worry about weight gain this week!

1.37PM 4th September 2010 - At springlands hotel about 10 miles away from the hill. Sat by pool relaxing. Off in the morning.

7.54AM - 4th September 2010 - Landed safe and sound in Nairobi. Awaiting connection to kilimanjaro - precision air (let's hope so!)



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