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Rob & Ivan Swarbrick's Daft Marathon

Fundraising for Helping Hand

raised by 25 supporters
  • Team members: Rob Swarbrick, Ivan Swarbrick
  • Event: Belfast City Marathon 2009, 04 May 2009

Helping Hand

Helping Hand was established by the medical staff at The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children with the single aim of improving healthcare for children attending the hospital which is the regional referral unit for most of the paediatric specialties in Northern Ireland. Charity No. NIC 102447

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[Finished all 26.2 miles in just under six hours; 5:59:21.]
[Latest pics and info are on the Chainmail Marathon blog.]

Hi all,

We are raising funds for the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC).

Rob is going to run the full Belfast Marathon in some medieval armour; the heavy part is the big chainmail vest (or maille haubergeon, if you like) that currently weighs in at 11kg or 24lb. (photo back up soon)

Ivan, in the role of concerned brother, is running alongside in a different costume - an inflatable cowboy.

Any donations you make are going to the Children's Hospital charity Helping Hand, current projects funded by the charity include pulmonary lung function test system and a multi-sensory play area.

A year ago, Rob's two year old son required a week in the neurosurgery ward, and thankfully all is well now.  He wanted to do more than just feel grateful to the dedicated medical staff.

Some links and information
ChainmailMarathon - A wee blog charting progress in the few days before the marathon.
Belfast City Marathon - course map and other information
Helping Hand - the Children's Hospital charity

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