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Cleft & GUG's Dan Beesley needs your help!

My name is Dan and I need your help MASSIVELY for Yes to Life because I have 2 brain tumours.

69 %
raised of £100,000 target
by 1,161 supporters

Yes to Life

We empower people with cancer to make informed choices.

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Update February 2018

Thank you wonderful donators! You have funded 3 months of incredible treatment in Istanbul - combining the genetic approach to treating cancer with the metabolic. On looking at his initial scan, Dan's oncologist anticipated that he would need Radiosurgery as there was some progression after the 6 weeks of radio/chemo at the Christie. But amazingly, after 6 weeks of treatment here in Istanbul his MRI scan showed that the tumours have already started to regress (one nearly completely gone!) Something we didn't expect so early on! This shows that this innovative approach to cancer is working, and we would love to continue until the tumours are all gone.

We have increased our total to £100,000 to reflect the amount we need to continue with this life saving treatment.

There are no words to express how you all make me feel, you have saved my husband! Ta very much :)


Dan's story -

Dan was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in early 2015 when he had a seizure while driving (thankfully he didn't collide with any other vehicles and was completely unscathed). He was taken straight to A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary where he was promptly given a brain scan where they found a 10cm tumour at the front of his brain.

Within 2 weeks, his brain was being operated on at Salford Royal by specialist neuro surgeon Ms K Karabatsou. Despite taking way longer than friends and family had been warned, the operation was a success. Hooray!

He was then handed over to Dr Tran at the Christie who put him straight on a 6 week course of radiotherapy. Shortly after he had completed this he had a scan which showed that the tumour had almost completely gone. YES!

However, fast forward two years. Dan had been having 6 monthly MRI scans at the Christie just to make sure that his recovery was going according to plan. Unfortunately, we were informed that in a short 6 month period, 2 new tumours had developed. 1 at the original site where he'd initially had one and the other at the back of my head on my cerebellum right by his brain stem, making it inoperable. The main one at the front was quite a lot more aggressive, a stage 4.  DAMN!

So once again, within a fortnight Dan was shipped off Salford Royal with the ever skilful Ms Karabatsou to debulk his front tumour and then back to the Christie. This time he would have a combination of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

Upon this second diagnosis, Dan and I (Jess, Dan's wife) started doing a lot more research into alternative therapies and treatments. Based on months of research, Dan went fully vegan, started a mainly alkaline diet and cut out caffeine, alcohol and gluten. JOY!

Through homeopathist Em Colley, who we'd already been in touch with through a close friend (thanks Lauren!!) and Yes to Life, we were recommended to consult with renowned cancer specialist Patricia Peat. In our first conversation with her, we were highly recommended a specialist cancer clinic abroad that use a strict regime of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, heat therapy, pure IVs of vitamin C/B17 etc and a unique method of using glucose suppressors to starve the cancer cells of any sugar. Once the cancer cells are fully starvacious, Dan would then have a dose of "Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy". This would mean the cancer cells would devour both the glucose and chemotherapy making it so much more targeted. They have an 80% remission rate! 
Dan's options on the NHS are unfortunately very limiting and statistically survival beyond a few years is very low.

Dan needs a lot of help from a lot of people to help him get to the specialised clinic(s) abroad and get the treatment he needs. Please get involved in anyway that you can!


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