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108 %
raised of £1,801.53 target
by 111 supporters
  • Event: Flora London Marathon 2009, 26 Apr 2009


We are the only charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK

Charity Registration No. 216401 and SC037717


DONE! Time = 4.22.01

It was very hot and my legs got very tight at about 20 miles but I made it home with the amazing crowds cheering me (and every other runner) onwards from the first mile to the last, and no lack of inner will power too. I'll be writing a blog post about my full experience on the day and will link it here a when it's done if you want to read more.

My running mate Will suffered an injury around mile 13 but still got his way around in an excellent time of 5.30 something, which given the heat, and his injury, is pretty impressive. Needless to say we were both very pleased!

If you've promised a donation or would like to donate, please do, only £95 to the £2,000 mark, which would be brilliant to reach. Thanks!

Next goal - £2,000

Okay so I've passed my target but let's see if we can make it to £2,000 - a fantastic amount to raise for a very worthwhile cause. Thanks!

Made it!

Wow - with just 3 days to go today (22/04) the fund-raising passed the mythical £1,801.53 (okay that's not very mythical) which importantly it means I have reached the target the NSPCC asked me to promise them I would reach. Thanks to everyone single person who donated - it really is massively appreciated and now acts as as a fantastic reminder of why I am going to be going through some pain on Sunday...

But...if you haven't donated and were planning to - please do! It all goes to a very worthy cause (no pun) and surely shows your awe at my, soon to have been completed, achievement.

Anyways - thanks again to each and every person below; here's to Sunday - I'll write a long update post race no doubt of how it all goes. If you're in London get yourself down to the North bank for the last 5 miles and encourage the hell out of every runner you see!

Stop Press! Under a week to go!

Thanks for stopping by my JustGiving page. There's only a few days left and my fundraising is almost there, it's as if it was on the final few miles down the embankment and relying on the cheering crowds (that's you) to get it around. Any shiny coins or crisp notes you can add to the total will be great motivation for the day.

Below are the enteries on my progress through my training if you're interested.



for visiting my fundraising page. Please sponsor me any amount you wish, it all helps, it's all for a good cause, and it all gives me motivation to keep on running.

If you do sponsor me I think it would be more fun for all concerned if you donate an amount that is numerically interesting e.:. £11.11, £12.34, £20,12, £66.66 - rather than standard multiples of five. I've set my goal as something equally non-multiple-of-five too.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: NSPCC gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation. Everybody wins!


Update 03/02/2009: I've now passed 30% of my fundraising target! Thanks to everyone below who has donated so generously to this cause and given me support to keep on running (especially at this freezing time of year!).

Update 2: I ran a half marathon on Sunday (01/02) in Watford and ran it in a time of 1:49:15 and finished 1080th from 1,923 which I was very pleased with. I will be running the Silverstone half marathon on March 15 and now have a good chance of going sub 1:45 which would be fantastic and put me on course for a 3:30 on the big day itself.

Update 3 Feb 15th: a tough 14.5 miles today, in the rain of north London, surviving on a handful of jelly beans for energy hits. Come on, add a couple more quid to that amount!

Another Update 28/02: ran 15.79 miles today in 2hrs 30 mins... It was okay though, and both me and my housemate are quite enjoying the extend runs over London, discovering that tube stations are not as far apart in real life as they appear on the map.

Latest Update: Silverstone half-marathon. Finished in a time of 1.42 exactly and at position 909 from around 6000 runners. Very pleased. Has made me reasses time of 3.30 to perhaps four hours as my legs were basically telling me at that pace they had no chance of lasting 26 miles. Perhaps the first half in two hours, and then try and get under two on second half as the crowds cheers us on.

Even Laterer Update: Amazing scenes on the JustGiving page as donations career past the £1,000 mark, barely pausing for breath, before shooting on to £1,100, then kicking on to 1,200! A massive 67% of the way there! Thanks to each and every one of you for every penny of your donations - they are all massively appreciated.

Another update: Ran for three hours and 21 minutes this Saturday. 3 hours 21 minutes. 201 minutes = i.e. a long, long time. It came to 19.7 miles. It was hard! But....it's the last long run we will do now, as we ease off on the taper.


But remember...

Keep those donations coming!


P.S. The running order for the day is: left leg, right leg, left leg, right leg...


  • Two happy marathon runners.