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running a marathon 3 1/2 marthaons and more for Meningitis Now because I am mad, stupid and beyond insane.

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Meningitis Now

We support those affected by meningitis to stop the disease devastating lives

Charity Registration No. 803016 (England & Wales) SC037790 (Scotland)


Ive now had to ditch the Cardiff half marathon as it is the same weekend as Maidstone Half marathon. I am therefore planning to do the Kent Coastal half marathon in September 2013.

I plan to do various events during 2013 to raise money for The Meningitis Trust.

The planned events:

29th Sept 2012 - Walking on burning coals and broken glass - completed

3rd March 2013 - Silverstone half marathon - SMASHED 1hr 58min 33sec

15th April 2013 - Boston Marathon

8th May 2013 - Sky Dive with Red Devils

27th May 2013 - Bupa 10k

14th July 2013 - British 10k run

September 2013 - Kent Coastal half marathon

October 2013 - Maidstone half marathon

27th October 2013 - Great South Run

October 2013 - Zip slide across The Oval - 500ft slide which is 75ft in the air!!



As you may be aware I had Meningitis when i was just 16days old. I was one of the lucky ones and hqve come through without any side effects.Meningitis can change peoples lives permenatly. It has been known for people to have serious brain damage and loss of limbs. Some people unfortunaly die due to Meningitis.

The illness effects people of all ages, but mainly the very young and late teens - mid 20's.

Key facts Babies, toddlers and young children under five are an at risk group for meningitis, with over 50% of all cases occurring in this age group.
  • With 2,500 cases of bacterial meningitis reported in the UK every year, more than three babies, toddlers or young children will be taken ill with meningitis every day.
  • Meningitis kills more children under the age of five than any other infectious disease in the UK.
  • Meningitis is the disease parents fear the most

      Meningitis kills more children under five than any other infectious disease in the UK.
  • Meningitis is the disease parents fear the most.
  • 50% of all cases of meningitis occur in the under five age group.
  • One in four students carry the bacteria that can cause meningitis at the back of their throats, compared to one in ten of the UK population.
  • All students attending university for the first time can ask their GP for a Men C vaccine, whatever their age.


        Meningitis can strike at any time, regardless of health, gender, age, race or class.
  • People over 55 are at risk of meningitis as our immune systems weaken as we get older.
  • Adults can still suffer the same after-effects from meningitis as children such as brain damage, hearing and sight loss and where septicaemia (blood poisoning) has occurred, loss of limbs and scarring.
  • A survey has shown that one in four adults in the UK knows of someone who has had meningitis

    Meningitis at risk group – over 55s

    As our immune system weakens as we get older, we are more susceptible to illnesses, such as meningitis.
  • With the over 55 population being at risk of meningitis, they are offered a pneumococcal vaccine at 65. This is available at any GP surgery or health centre across the UK.
  • Look out for yourself and others. Meningitis symptoms can disguise themselves as a common cold or flu, so it’s important to remain vigilant to the symptoms of meningitis, trust your instincts and seek medical help if concerned.
  • If living alone always let someone know if you are feeling unwell, they can check on you and get help if needed.
  • Thank you