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Richard's Sick Kids Save Point #6

Gaming for at least 24 hours for Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity because I want to help a wonderful local cause

370 %
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Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

We support the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids to help make time spent in hospital better.

Charity Registration No. SC020862


Those who've seen me try and play football will know that I won't be running any marathons or climbing any hills - my knees couldn't cope. As a gamer (when I get the time), testing my energy and sanity[*] levels through 24 hours of solid gaming is a great challenge and way to raise money for a wonderful cause - the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

My theme is cherished games so I'll be revisiting a number of games that I've loved during my childhood and teenage years as well over the past few years. 

£101 - Poll for classic game
I will create a poll and allow you to pick one of my favourite games to revisit and will play it for at least two hours.

£125 - Write Up
I will do a write up of the games played with special focus on the classic game voted for above.

£150 - Poll for awful game
I have a few wretched games in my collection and there's plenty free ones out there as well so I'll be providing a poll for people to vote for an awful game that I must play for at least 1-3 hours. Time will depend on the game as I couldn't manage 3 hours of solid Kinect!
I'll include this in the write up and will still be doing the classic game.

£175 - Poll for a series of short sessions
I originally planned on playing a new game but instead I'm thinking lots of games! However should I be going trying games from the XBLIG marketplace, one of my Steam collections (e.g. SEGA Classics, 3D Realms Anthology etc), mobile/tablet games or take requests (free games only)? You can decide on what I spend at least 2 hours experimenting with!
I'll provide a very short summary of playing each game.

£200 - Video trailer
I hate being in front of cameras but if people raise £200, I'll do a little video introducing the whole thing with footage of a few of the games that I'm likely to play.

£225 - Video afterwards
Footage from some of the games played, including all games from polls/stretch goals.

£250 - Video diary
At intervals throughout the 24+ hours I'll take a short break to record a clip summarising what I've played, how alive I am etc. This will get stuck up on Youtube afterwards, plus I'll try uploading to Facebook as I go.

£300 - Fourth poll
Do I play another one of my all time favourites or an awful game? You decide! 
Other goals still apply.

£400 - Live streaming (or video of playing a kinect game)
If I can get live streaming working then I'll get a stream up and running with my webcam on the go. If my internet is too flakey or the software is temperamental then instead I'll record footage of embarrassing myself when playing a Kinect game.

£500 - Every awful game
I will take on EVERY awful game listed in the poll for at least 30 minutes each (20mins per Kinect game).

24 hours won't be my cut off point, merely the minimum.

[*] Very limited, I admit.