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Davey Lawton

Formerly "The Fan Dance" now "Kinder March For Dad"

marching Kinder with a 70lb backpack for Newcastle Healthcare Charity because they saved my old mans life.

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  • Team members: Russ Barlow (brother in law), various bods from work
  • Event: The Fan Dance, 19 Jan 2013

Newcastle Healthcare Charity

We help Newcastle Hospitals to improve the patient stay in hospital

Charity Registration No. 502473


Myself and a few other bods are doing this event for the Newcastle RVI for the work they have done for my family over the past few weeks...

My father suffered a cardiac arrest at one of my homecoming parades, and as soon as he hit the ground, the medics present kept his heart going, allowing time for the Newcastle RVI to send out an Ambulance. He was taken to the hospital and after a few weeks has made a full recovery.

We're running this 14 mile event in Pen-Y-Fan (known as "The Fan Dance") on Saturday, January 19th 2013 (our contribution will be paying our own £45 entry fees individually) to raise money to express thanks to the Army Medics and the RVI.

For more information on the event, visit http://www.thefandancerace.com/ to see the rules, what's going on, and where it is.


Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions both where we live and in Brecon we were unable to make the drive, so instead........:

We planned a 20 mile march over Kinder with a combined excess of 100lb of weight in backpacks. Temparatures ranged from 1.5 degrees to -17 degrees, winds were so harsh that we were struggling to stay stood up, and could actually lean on them with the weight we were carrying and not fall over. Mountain Rescue were about telling people to get off the mountain, and had already had a casualty that day. We even saw a barbed wire fence where the combined harsh winds and incredibly low temparatures were causing any snow or moisture to instantly freeze resulting in some incredible icicle formations. It was an incredible experience, and we raised in excess of £300 that will be going to the Newcastle RVI's ITU centre.

Many thanks to all those who sponsored, and if you haven't yet, there's still time...!


  • Winds that you + 70lb can lean on them
  • Russ in the deep snow.
  • Russ at -17 with howling winds. +8