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Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Multiple Sclerosis Society

We are the MS Society. We are strong enough to stop MS together.

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In early August 2011, the EBTKS crew will be embarking upon the follow-up to their acclaimed debut mission...



The plan is to take several unfit individuals (above), who haven't seen the inside of a gym for some time, give them bikes and make them cycle from Cardiff to Amsterdam. That's over 400 miles- which is a long way even in old money! To complicate things further they're going to have to take the sinks again...

Why, you may ask?

It's all in aid of the charity, MS Society Cymru.


For this year's trip we will be supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society's 'Short Break Strategy':

Access to respite care and short breaks for both multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers and their carers is essential- these breakes are crucial in maintaining the wellbeing of both the carer and the person with MS. Given that the quality of short break services around Wales is variable we are hopeful that our efforts in supporting the MS Society in the implementation of this strategy will have a profound effect on improving services for people with MS.

There are approximately 100,000 people with MS in the UK - around 30% of whom (30,000) are in need of access to short breaks or respite care; at least 1000 of these live in Wales.

Feedback from people with MS and their carers has led the MS Society to conduct a review into the way in which the society supports people to get the respite care they need and deserve; wherever they live in the UK.

This new strategy, which was agreed in June 2010, will enable the society's staff and volunteers to help many more people affected by MS across the whole of the UK. To find out more please visit the MS Society's website here:



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