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I'm running the Great Bristol Half Marathon for Fauna & Flora International because I want to help FFI to save species from extinction

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  • Event: Great Bristol Half Marathon 2016, 25 Sep 2016

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) was the world's first international conservation organisation, established in 1903. Our vision is of a sustainable future for the planet, where biodiversity is effectively conserved by the people who live closest to it, supported by the global community.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

I have always been interested in animals and birds, and nature in general. As a child I was fascinated by a jar of mosquito larvae bobbing about, or a tank of tadpoles nibbling on a tiny morsel of food. I used to dream of holding a thrush between my hands and feeling its soft feathers before it flew off. We always had various animals at home; cats and dogs, chickens, pigs, sometime a horse or a cow!

Where we live now I've had two occasions where I've been able to pick up a jackdaw dozing in the sunshine, unaware that it's companions had flown away.

I have been a member of several conservation organisations for years (unsurprisingly!). I especially support Fauna & Flora International (FFI), as they work closely with local communities and conservation groups, as well as governments around the world to secure agreements that deter threats such as poaching and habitat loss. They involve local communities and find sustainable livelihood activities - so that they can earn a living whilst protecting their own natural resources. FFI have helped to provide clothing, vehicles and equipment - even bee hives and stoves - all of which cost money.

Tragically, many species are in a state of crisis caused by humans - and the associated pressue on natural resources that comes with overpopulation. FFI works to avoid the extinction of species - which is sadly often a result of human impact. Having said that, it is pointless to say that people in extreme poverty can't hunt for bush meat when there are no reasonable alternatives. Personally, I don't think this can be resolved unless developed countries invest in poorer countries, providing ecologically sound labour intensive industry, so that people can have jobs and a reasonable standard of living. They need health care and education, especially the women.

When women have the opportunity for education, everyone benefits. For example, why should women be expected to have a baby every year, destined for poor health and nutrition or an early death? It must be better to provide contraceptive education, resulting in fewer babies - but healthy ones, and preventing the population explosion we're seeing in so many countries.

Governments will be forced, eventually, to address the overpopulation of the world, instead of concentrating on short term growth and votes. We don't necessarily need growth, but we do need to provide sustainable, environmentally sound jobs.

We went to FFI's last AGM. Afterwards, we were delighted to be able to attend a talk by Sir David Attenborough and FFI's CEO, Mark Rose. I was already inspired, but after that, more so, and therefore offered to do a sponsored run to try and raise a little in the way of funds.

So, I'm going to run the Bristol Half Marathon on the 25th September. If you can help by sponsoring me that would be wonderful!

So far I've raised over £400 towards my target of £2,000 - a little way to go yet, plus lots more training to come.

Thank you!