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Over 60 Angels, 1 aim - to see off CF

Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

105 %
raised of £15,000 target
by 430 supporters
  • Team members: Emily's Angels (see below)
  • Event: Hydro Active Women's Challenge 2006, 03 Sep 2006

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

We work throughout the UK with one mission to beat cystic fibrosis for good

Charity Registration No. 1079049 (England and Wales) & SC040196 (Scotland)



On Sunday 3rd September, Emily was given day leave from hospital and achieved her aim of making her way round Hyde Park, with over 70 wonderful Angels by her side. Despite only leaving intensive care 6 weeks ago and still having patches of collapse on her right lung, Emily got out of her wheelchair and walked the final 500 metres, 5 times the distance anticipated by the doctors. We are incredibly grateful for everyone's support, please please keep sponsoring us, as each and every penny counts. Thank you.


Update, August 2006

This month, Emily's Angels have been named "Fundraiser of the Month"! This is a fantastic boost, particularly as Emily has suffered a severe setback in her health, with a series of collapsed lungs putting her in a critical condition in intensive care for a short time. She is now fighting back and determined to join her Angels on the day, chest drain or no chest drain! For further updates, Emily's blog address can be found at the bottom of the page.


Thank you for visiting our sponsorship page. Please dig deep and give what you can.


I am 22 years old and have Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is the UKs most common, life-threatening inherited disease. It affects mainly the lungs and the digestive system, with thick sticky mucus causing repeated chest infections which progressively damage the lungs. The average life expectancy of 31 and there is currently no cure.


Due to the severity of my lung damage, last March I was assessed for a double lung transplant. I was told that without one I had a year left to live. Maybe two if I was lucky. 14 months later, I have beaten the odds and am still here, still fighting, but also still waiting, and my time is running out. I wear oxygen 24 hours a day and use a wheelchair, which allows me to participate in essential girly shopping trips, but life is getting harder and simple things like putting on my socks leaves me breathless.


A team of over 50 wonderful people are becoming my Angels for the day, and will be walking/running 5 kilometers in aid of the CF Trust on 3rd September. I shall be accompanying them in my wheelchair, and if I am well enough I am aiming to whack my oxygen up and walk the final stretch as far as I can!


I am determined to fight and get my transplant and a new chance at life, but the future is uncertain, with 50% of people waiting for a lung transplant dying before they get one.


With your help, children born today with CF will not face this uncertainty. We can keep improving treatments and facilities for people with CF and ultimately find a cure.


Thank you for your support, it really will make a difference. And hey who knows, if I have had my transplant by then, maybe I will be sprinting the final straight!


Emily’s Angels are: Ali Alcock, Jacqueline Ali, Sarah Anderson, Katie Arotsky, Charlie Arscott, Freya Austin, Lizzy Barford, Lorraine Barnes, Laura Batchelor, Katie Borland, Debbie Brice, Ashlee Brown, Lainey Brown, Louise Bruce, Shirley Buxton, Sheena Camplin, Vivienne Clemons, Sara Coffey, Alice Coleman, Doreen Collins, Ruth Collins, Lizzie Cutler, Emily De Galwey, Rose Donnelly, Jemima Dryburgh, Jess Dryburgh, Caroline Gibbs, Shadow Gilboa-Way, Jacinth Greenbank-Clemons, Stacey Hall, Nikki Hallum, Nicky Hardwick, Mariam Haque, Becky Hayward, Charlotte Hayward, Emma Hickey, Claire Hider, Rita Hill, Susanna Jacobsen, Jessica Jones, Laura Jones, Jackie Keir, Isabel Kennedy, Fiona Keyzor, Sheena Kirk, Rachel Laird, Kristie Lee Thomas, Jane Loyd, Gill Lombard, Kam Matharu, Katie Miller, Sarah Milne, Michelle Mullarkey, Charlotte Newman, Sharron Newman, Tineka O'Mara, Sue Pearson, Michelle Piggin, Hilary Preece, Jackie Rice, Geraldine Roche, Lauren Scott, Julia Self, Angela Smith, Kat Taylor, Abigail Thackray, Anne Thackray, Lucy Thackray, Lynsey Thomas, Jess Walters, Felicity Waterton, Gill Waterton, Ro Waterton, Lynne Wellstead.


Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cystic Fibrosis Trust will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.



For more information on Cystic Fibrosis visit


For more information on Organ donation visit http://www.livelifethengivelife.co.uk

For more information on Emily and her progress visit http://www.pinkandsmileyhydroactive.blogspot.com


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