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Fundraising for Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust

74 %
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  • Event: Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon 2009, 31 May 2009

Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust

We protect human rights to create a safer, more just world.

Charity Registration No. 1051681


Hello everyone...

I'm supposed to write a few words here that will convince you to part with your money and give it to a charity and that is a lot harder than it sounds. There's a lot of worthy causes out there and people a lot funnier and more likeable fundraising than me! However, I'm also giving it a go so here's a bit more about me and why I'm doing this.

Handsome adventurer, perennial romantic, discoverer of the spring of the Amazon River, one-time gigolo to royalty, writing partner to Hemingway, first person to shake Mandelas's hand when he came out of prison. These are all things I am not.
Colombian-born Londoner, perennial procrastinator, reluctant Eastenders fan, guilt-ridden chain smoker, with a strong social justice reflex dampened only by an equally strong state of lethargy, These are all things I am.

Because when I was 11, I was diagnosed with the late stages of a very nasty cancer and I was told by doctors that I wouldn't live past that Xmas. The treatment that ensued helped me to save my life but it left many scars in my life, some permanent and some not, some painfully explicit and some laying in wait in the background, waiting to pop up at the most inappropriate of times. One such nasty surprise popped up on 03.01.08 when I was told by my doctors that the Hepatitis B and C I had been given during a blood transfusion back in the day hadn't been completely cleared as I had been told at the tender age of 13 but instead I had been carrying these horrible diseases for 12 years whilst at the same time abusing my body in the way 'young people' do.

So, I'm now a 26 year old going through yet another horrible treatment that is threatening to swallow up all my life for the foreseeable future. Well, this is why I'm running this marathon. [You can click on this link to find out a bit more about me and my treatment http://prometheus-hepatitides.blogspot.com/2008/12/euclides-fights-back-part-1.html] Because the drugs have left me with no energy, no desire to get out of bed, no strength to do anything other than sit down. And that's not who I am. And that's why I’m running this marathon. I’ve pulled through many times before when people didn’t expect me to and, what can I say, old habits die hard!

I’m running for Amnesty International. Please click here to find out a bit more http://www.amnesty.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=10010
Remember that all your money will help to highlight the plight of people around the world that need our help and support desperately. For example, I’m championing the cause of the members of WOZA [Women of Zimbabwe Arise] who have been targeted since 2003 for their brave and open drive for a better and more just Zimbabwe. Please, be generous! http://www.amnesty.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=11421&ArticleID=3303

Hopefully I’ve managed to convince you to support me. It’s all for a good cause!

Thank you,


01.05.09: Note: Hi everyone.

In the spirit of transparency, the page needs to be updated with the not-so-good news that my treatment didn't work and my doctors advised me to stop it straight away as it wasn't really worth it putting my body through such a demanding experience for no good reason. Needless to say, the bad news deflated me for a while but now I'm back on track with everything, my training in particular. So please, please give generously because during these troubled times, Amnesty needs all the money we can raise. And I promise I'll run until I can't run anymore and then I'll crawl until I get to the finishing line!

Many thanks for your support!


10.12.08: Note: Hello to everyone!

Thanks ever so much for such an amazing response! Never even in my wildest dreams I would've expected to smash through two of my personal targets in the first fortnight. I've raised the target once again and let's hope that soon enough I'll be thanking everyone again for helping me to raise that much money for Amnesty International.

A massive hug to everyone!



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