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Evan's first Birthday

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Celebrating the birthday of Evan, 10 January 2021
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We send cash directly to families living in poverty.


It's my first birthday on January 10th! We're in tier 5 right now and so unfortunately you can't come to celebrate with me and my parents, but I do have just one little ask of you :)

Purely by luck of being born in the UK I have all the key things I need, so I want to mark my special milestone by asking you to donate what you might have spent on travel or pressies to this fundraiser instead.

COVID-19 reminds us that now is the time to act to help others in crisis. The GiveDirectly charity is a proven and efficient way to materially improving child health and schooling through unconditional cash transfers.

Your donation enables better nutrition, clothing, health, for children so that they have a chance to escape the cycle of extreme poverty

(socially distant) hugs and kisses,

Ev xx

About the charity

GiveDirectly lets donors like you send money directly to the world’s poorest households. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice. In the last decade, we've delivered $625M+ to 1.5M people in need.

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