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Anglesey Circumnavigation in aid of EWB-UK

Fundraising for Engineers Without Borders UK

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  • Event: Anglesey Circumnavigation for EWB-UK

Engineers Without Borders UK

We galvanise the engineering community to serve our planet better than ever before

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Update October 20th, challenge completed more detail on the associated blog soon.


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Going for it at the end of this week!


Update 27/09/2012:

It's a little bit frustrating but I've had to postpone. Force 7 with Force 8 gusts.  I'll get some new dates ASAP.

Update 16/09/2012:

The Challenge: 

During the weekend of the 28th of September 2012, I will be completing a circumnavigation of Anglesey in a sea kayak in aid of Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK).

I made an unsuccessful early attempt over the May day bank holiday, where due to unfavourable conditions only 2/3rds of the 120km circumnavigation were covered despite pulling a night paddle (my first) out of the bag to try and recover. In the end the tides and wind won.

The infamous Menai Straight & Swellies (& a little bit!) remain.

To make up for not making it round in one go, I will be returning to some of the more dangerous bits (Penrynn mawr / Holyhead) to give you a little more peril for money.

Blog of prep:




Original text:

Although it is a way off this will be a challenge for me because:

+ I only have a few hours each weekend to train. This will also be largely on the River Lea and not in sea conditions.

+ I've not planned a full sea trip before - The land planning will be easy, but tying solid ground into a quick, workable trip factoring in the tides is not quite so simple.

+ The distance on the water will be between 110 & 120 km - The longest distance I have kayaked previously was 25km around Kerrera (just off Oban in the Firth of Lorne). Average speed of a sea kayak is 5km/h.

+ Although it's not a massive island the tidal races round the northwest corner of Anglesey are faster and the water is more exposed and rough than anything I've experienced previously (the first 3 images (credit: Eurion @ beyond the break) after the map and the video (credit: SKUK) were taken around Anglesey.

+ I'll need to improve my level of skill in the mean time to cope with the conditions safely. Not so worried about fitness, but those of you who know me probably think this wouldn't hurt!

Additional mild peril on top of the above includes:

+ Being run over by the Irish Fast Ferry (SeaCat)
+ No get outs around south stack.
+ A handful of blisters.
+ Weather
+ Sea monsters & Pirates.

I won't however be alone. A good friend is planning to make the circumnavigation with me so we can watch each others backs.

Time will be somewhat dependent on the weather conditions impeding progress, but I estimate 14-18 hours on the water. We will be attempting to do it as fast as possible but safety is paramount, I don't want to raise money for EWB yet cost the RNLI a fortune with a rescue!


The Cause:

I've chosen Engineers Without Borders because I was impressed about their holistic and targeted approach to charity abroad. Too much money is thrown about without planning or thinking of the long term benefit leading only to short term gain. EWBs thoughtful and targeted approach means that more money will reach those it is intend to help and more importantly continue to help over time.

In addition they also run outreach programs here within the UK to inspire the next generation of engineers. I feel the promotion of Engineering and Science within the UK is very important to me as well as to the country as a whole for the future.

(More information about the cause and why can be found on the blog or you can visit their website).


What Next?

Irish Sea crossing? Mull Circumnavigation? There's a lot of ocean out there. If this is successful I will come back with a bigger challenge in aid of engineers without borders.

As stated, I'll be keeping a blog of my progress and other related things, check it out here:



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