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Fabrick Housing Group's Bubble Challenge 2013!

Fundraising for The Bubble Foundation UK

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The Bubble Foundation UK

We fund a number of projects to support the Bubble Unit in Newcastle

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We are really proud to once again support the Bubble Foundation (www.bubblefoundation.org.uk) in this year’s Bubble Challenge!

Last year Fabrick Housing Group took part in the Bubble Challenge, raising more than for £10,000 for The Bubble Foundation, which is an amazing charity that supports children across the North East born without an immune system.

Well this year it’s back with a difference!


At 4pm on Friday 6th September in Middlehaven, Middlesbrough, a ladies boot camp (but read on, men), will take place and we’re encouraging as many people as possible to take part or simply donate.


An added bonus is that men can take part as well, as long as they are ‘appropriately’ dressed (as ladies).


This is a Teesside versus Tyneside competition competition to being the most money in so the honour of the sub-region is at stake as well! Please dig deep!


You don't need to get involved in the boot camp to take part.


You can simply give a donation - and feel free to add a note if you are donating towards anyone you know is taking part!





  • Clean shaven legs - following one of last year's Fabrick Bubble Challenge events
  • All the fun of the fair during last year's challenge!