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The FanCensus 24 Hour Live Game-A-Thon

planning to play 24 video games in 24 hours for Games Aid because we want to give back by doing the thing we love.

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  • Event: The FanCensus 24 Hour Live Game-A-Thon

Games Aid

We manage donations from the games industry to support more UK children's charities

Charity Registration No. 1081706


Derek Bashford, Steve Harradence, Ryan Janes and the rest of FanCensus will be hosting a special event. Beginning Friday April 20th at 18:00 we will start streaming a 24 hour gaming marathon on our Justin TV channel.

Every hour we will be playing a different game, from Mario Kart and Shenmue to Sonic and Battlefield.

During the event we'll be chatting live with our viewers, giving away plenty of prizes and generally having fun so be sure to tune in.

And remember an amount as little as £2 can go a long way! Every little helps, so please donate!

If you want to keep up to date on the event then please give us a follow on Twitter or Facebook or check out our gaming blog which we also update with video game news, reviews and more.


What Games Will Be Played When?

6pm Big Brain Academy 7pm Mario Party 9 8pm Super Monkey Ball 9pm FIFA 12 10pm Condemned 11pm Super Smash Bros Brawl midnight Rayman Origins 1am Battlefield 3 2am Street Fighter X Tekken 3am Shenmue 4am Batman: Arkham City 5am Sonic 3 & Knuckles 6am Worms Armageddon 2
7am WWE
8am Portal 2 9am Streets of Rage 2 10am Donkey Kong Country 2 11am Resident Evil 4 midday Mario Kart 64 1pm Mortal Kombat 2pm Super Mario World 3pm Goldeneye 4pm Wrecked 5pm WarioWare Smooth Moves


  • A sneak peek at some of our prizes!
  • Join Us As We Battle Through The Night