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Fundraising for World Cancer Research Fund
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In memory of Victims of Cancer and family or loved ones affected by this deadly disease
World Cancer Research Fund

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We fund research and health programmes to help prevent cancer & save lives


Thanks for taking the time to visit the FFXIV Cancer Awareness Fundraiser page. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.

The FFXIV Europe and AkhMorning communities are leading an initiative to support Cancer Awareness Month in October. We hope to raise over £2000. We will be spreading the word of this campaign across FFXIV communities all over the world. Communities that agreed to participate in this initiative have been mentioned below.

Community Raffle:

  • Donors donated codes to Raffle
  • Over 10 mogstation item codes to be won! 
  • Raffle winners randomly selected 1st November
  • All proceeds from tickets will be donated to World Cancer Research


In addition the FFXIV Europe Community is also:

  • Pledging 75% of our Patreon earnings for October to the Charity
  • Custom Discord emoji for the occasion created by admin Elda
  • Custom illustrated Moogle banner for Charity by GWENI 
  • Running a movie night screening each week on FFXIV Europe
  • Server Logo will change for 3 weeks 
  • Contributing game item codes to Raffle organised by AkhMorning
  • Special, permanent Discord rank on the server for donors
  • Activate double activity rank XP on the Discord server

In addition the AkhMorning Community is also:

  • Donating half of October's Patreon earnings to the charity
  • Changing the server logo in support for the month
  • Custom illustration by WhyMaige for the Charity
  • Give all patrons in October a special "Cancer Awareness Month 2020" Discord role
  • Organising a Raffle with gift codes, all raffle proceeds go to the charity
  • AkhMorning Plays Baldur's Gate III streams
  • Creating a splash page for all of the initiatives efforts
  • Multiple scheduled events planned throughout the month

Eorzea Collection is:

  • Donating half of its Patreon earnings for October to the fund
  • Changing its server logo for 3 weeks to raise awareness
  • Running an exclusive glamour comp themed around CA:
  • https://ffxiv.eorzeacollection.com/glamour-contest/cancer-awareness-month-2020

Revival Wings is:

  • Raffling 5 pieces of awesome custom drawn artwork by Fauvora for the winners
  • Providing a Discord rank to anyone in their community that donates $25 or more
  • Running a "All Pink" Hidden Gorge event in-game in name of Cancer Awareness
  • Sponsoring the initiative throughout October on Brian's personal stream

Additional collaborators:

  • Fashionista Community for committing to donate 50% of their Patreon funds for October to the cause
  • ZeplaHQ for promoting the initiative on streams and videos throughout October
  • GPOSERS for including a feature page in their October issue drawing attention to the charity
  • SerenayaCarrin for sponsoring the event on stream throughout October
  • Frosty for promoting the initiative on streams and videos throughout October 
  • Salted XIV & Blobs updating default blob emojis to include a ribbon, raising awareness of the charity
  • Moonlight for running their event on 10th Oct in name of Cancer Awareness and World Cancer Research
  • MrIceT for your highly generous mogstation code donations for the Raffle
  • Citadel of Light for their efforts on running in-game awareness themed events to highlight cause 
  • Argo for running a PvP Tournament in the name of Cancer Awareness with aim to Raise funds for this JustGiving drive 
  • AFM for reaching out to find out more and writing a beautiful article on the initiative 
  • Llamatodd and his community for raising an amazing amount via streaming activities as part of the Fey Temperance clear event 

Additional partners, references and credits:

  • FFXIV Europe: https://discord.gg/ffxivEU
  • AkhMorning: https://discord.gg/pQVpDZn
  • GWENI: https://twitter.com/gweniart_
  • Elda: https://twitter.com/Wynn_tah
  • WhyMaige: https://twitter.com/WhyMaige
  • GPOSERS: https://gposers.com/
  • Salted XIV & Blobs: https://discord.gg/saltedxiv
  • Eorzea Collection: https://ffxiv.eorzeacollection.com/
  • ZeplaHQ: https://twitter.com/Xepla
  • Serenaya Carrin: https://twitter.com/SerenayaCarrin
  • Frosty: https://discord.gg/4DxcTK3
  • XIV Blobs: http://discord.gg/saltedxiv
  • Moonlight: https://moonlightevent.carrd.co
  • Rainbow Materia: https://discord.gg/rm
  • MMO-RPG: https://discord.com/invite/mmorpg
  • Angel Lux: https://www.twitch.tv/angel__lux
  • Revival Wings: https://discord.gg/aAVTGGt
  • BrainRicardo: https://twitch.tv/brianricardo
  • Fauvora: https://twitter.com/Fauvora 
  • The Balance: https://discord.gg/thebalanceffxiv
  • The Fashionista: https://discord.gg/zRsBgSF
  • Citadel of Light: https://discord.gg/At83XEc
  • ARGO: https://discord.gg/argo
  • AFM: https://www.aetherflowmedia.com/
  • Fey Temperance: https://discord.gg/feys-temperance
  • Llamatodd: https://www.twitch.tv/llamatodd


Merch Store:
All profits from the store go to World Cancer Research Fund: https://FFXIVEurope.redbubble.com

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About the charity

World Cancer Research Fund

Verified by JustGiving

RCN 1000739
Every day in the UK 1,100 people will hear the words ‘you have cancer’, but 40% of cancer cases are preventable. While society continues searching for a cure, we are investing millions into our prevention & survival work, helping people live healthier, free from the devastating effects of cancer.

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