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Gary Brennan

The FORMER 39 Stone Cyclist

Cycling for The Christie because they do great work

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  • Event: Great Manchester Cycle 2012, 04 Jun 2012

The Christie

We fund life-changing and life-saving work to support cancer patients at The Christie

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Hey Everyone


I'm Gary Brennan, I don't tend to do things the easy way, this sponsorship request page is proof of that.

For just 8 weeks ago, I underwent MAJOR surgery, The event I am taking on here has a requirment of an average speed of 18 Mph, over the course distance of 54 miles, thats no mean feat for most cyclists, but for one just recovering from majory surgery and who hasnt rode in 8 weeks is going to be HUGE.

To be honest, I have around 4 weeks to get fit and get quick or is that get quick-fit .......

For anyone who doesnt know my full history and what that picture is all about, here is a real quick overview

I took up cycling in the summer of 2008. At that point in my life I was having an epiphany – six months before I was weighing in at 39 stone and had been approved for a gastric bypass. I had Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, and I was hurtling towards a very, very early grave. At the age of just 27 my life was teetering on a knife edge in so many ways.

Being married and a father of two, I knew I had to change; I had to stand up and be counted. So I purchased a bike with the view of making myself stronger for the operation. But it never happened, as six months later the operation was cancelled. I had lost too much weight to qualify, so now I was in this for the long haul and I was in it alone –  no pills, no operations, just blood, sweat and gears. :D



Please give as much as you can and LIVESTRONG !!!!!




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