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Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Cystic Fibrosis Trust

We work throughout the UK with one mission to beat cystic fibrosis for good

Charity Registration No. 1079049 (England and Wales) & SC040196 (Scotland)


'Funding shortfall' puts cystic fibrosis research on hold - BBC News


Using MATHS, I worked out we can help SCIENCE save LIVES.


Please donate £2, then share the link to this page: on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else.


Even if you don't have £2 to spare, please link to this page wherever you can as others need to know about before they can donate.


Hopefully the CF trust will put the money raised here towards the trial, though as there is no easy way to specify where you want your money to go, the trust may use this money in other ways to help the cystic fibrosis cause.*


The Maths


It should be relatively easy to raise £6,000,000, and this is why:


There are around 62 million people in the uk.

60% of us (37 million) have access to the internet every day.

If every one of us were to give 20p each, we would easily meet the £6m target, and give them a million extra.


This website won't let you donate any less than £2.


So, if you consider that around 20% of UK adults drink more alcohol than is recommended weekly**, this means around 7 million*** UK adults can spare £2 this week by drinking 1 less**** and then donate that on here instead. If half of them were to hear about the page, and make a donation, we'd have over £6million from them alone.



Im not doing a stunt/endurance test/anything out of the ordinary to raise money because that shouldn't be necessary. If you have read through this and still aren't thinking of making a donation please at least share the link for the page.






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Summary of linked article:

Thanks to the Recession/Downturn/Moneygeddon, research work shortlisted for a medical innovation award has now been put back due to a shortfall of 6 million pounds.


*I realise I did not make this completely clear initially, and I hope you will forgive me for this.


** 27% men and 14% women drink over recommended number of units weekly. (ONS 1998), The UK population is around 50:50 Male:Female, which approximates to around 20% of all adults.

*** This is assuming that access to internet doesn't reduce your likelihood to drink over the recommended number of units weekly.

**** I'm guessing it's about £2 a pint on average in UK pubs. [Edit: though I read recently the national average is £3, but I forget where I read it so can't use it as a source.]