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In Memory of Joel Penny

Fundraising for Tommy's, the baby charity

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Tommy's, the baby charity

We fund research into pregnancy problems to save babies' lives

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At 18 weeks pregnant I found out that I was leaking fluid looks like I had a slow leak for some time by the time we found out it was all gone, They told us to terminate our baby that I could get an infection and die but there was no was way I was giving up.

The Medical term for it is PPROM (prolonged premature rupture of membrane) it is very rare especially so early on in pregnancy. We were told without the fluid his lungs may never develop and even if they did he would be a very poorly baby. But we couldn’t give up on him they thought I would miscarry him within 2 weeks but he was a fighter proving the doctors wrong when I got to 24 weeks their mouths were on the floor we even made it another month in total I made it 11 weeks after my waters broke.

On the morning of the 18th October 2013 he had decided he was ready to come and meet us I was only just 28 weeks pregnant. Everything happened so quickly as his heart beat started to fade I was rushed in to theatre for a emergency c section put under general anaesthetic, I woke up an hour and a half later to find I had a little boy Joel Henry Penny. They told us he was very sick but they were doing all they could about half an hour later we were being rushed to the NICU my babies lungs weren't working and there was nothing they could do. I can never explain to you how that felt there are no words to describe that pain. As they took away all the tubes and passed me my precious boy I held him as he became an angel in my arms.

Joel was a fighter but he had taken all he could take, I want people to know his story how brave and strong he was, I want to raise money so no one has to go through the hell we are going through now. So please if you could spare time and money to help save some babies lives.