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Gethin, Jon, and John's Hellespont swim

Fundraising for Abir's Garden Playground for WestBank Kindergarten

raised by 175 supporters

Abir's Garden Playground for WestBank Kindergarten

After a little girl was killed, Israeli and Palestinian Combatants for Peace decided to build playgrounds in her memory – and the kindergarten in As Samoa has no playground. They need your help.


Gethin, Jon and John have decided to tackle the Hellespont and swim the 5.5km from Europe to Asia. No matter that none of us are fit, or good at swimming - or that one of us has a fear of open water - application forms never lie and ours clearly state that we are all experienced, strong swimmers who are completely prepared for this challenge. But this isn't (just) for glory. Oh no, it's for the kids. We are raising money for a fantastic charity called Abir's Garden Playground, which brings Israeli and Palestinian ex-combatants together to build playgrounds for children affected by the problems in the region. 
So.. These three speedo-clad, jellyfish-dodging, Vaseline-covered, shark-punching aquatic musketeers need your help. Please donate whatever you can; it is a bloody good cause and your support will really make a difference. Thank you! Gethin, Jon and John.


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