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Fundraising for Karuna Trust

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Karuna Trust

We exist to end caste-based discrimination to enable people to lead dignified lives

Charity Registration No. 327461


Deadline Set: 11pm Friday 3rd April 2009

For those of you who haven't seen me in a while, I'm the chap in the tasteless jumper in the picture on the left!

Since I feel that I am in great need of a haircut and couldn't decide what to do, I thought I'd leave the decision up to you lovely people I have the pleasure of knowing. Should I...

a) Cut my hair shorter - currently in the lead with £225*

b) Keep it about the same - £5*

c) Continue to grow it - £85*

*Last Update: 01/04/09

Place a donation for one of my favourite charities and leave a comment with your decision. Whichever option has raised the most money will decide what happens!!

If you lot decide that it should be shorter, please note that the curls will be kept! Similar, perhaps, to the hairstyle of the iconic statue of David.


If you decide that I should keep growing it you should probably be aware that it has been an ambition of mine to have dreadlocks for quite some time...

The Karuna Trust is an awesome charity that, shamelessly taken straight from their website, "strives to help oppressed people to develop the skills, dignity and confidence to transform their lives and take their rightful place in society." Their main focus is the empowerment of people adversely affected by the caste system in the Indian subcontinent.*

I hate inequality and - besides - any charity that has Dame Judy Dench as their patron must be worth it

Everyone has an opinion, so what are you waiting for??? Get donating and get voting!


*Although it is a charity run by members of the Western Buddhist Order they do NOT spend money on spreading Buddhist teaching unless this has been requested - which in this case it has not!


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