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Swimming the English Channel "The Undone Way" for CoppaFeel because Knowing your B(.)(.)Bs can save your life.

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We remind young people to check their boobs to ensure more people survive breast cancer

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So, why does breast cancer concern me? I am not a girl. The thing is,  when we are conceived we inherit our parents genes. There are lots of genes to share out and one by one we get either mums or dads.  (I could have inherited dads, but the 50/50 split went mums way for this particularly gene). Under normal circumstances its all OK and it doesnt matter whos gene we inherit, blue eyes or brown, blond or brunette. But this particular gene governed cancer. Still, its all OK. We all inherit them and have the national average of having cancer (one in  many thousands). The trouble is, mums gene was defective. The odds are no longer one in many thousands of that gene becoming cancerous, but one in three. If I live long enough I have a one in three chance of my faulty gene being naughty.

I now have screening and some annual embarrassing tests. Early detection becomes the most effective weapon I have  against bowel and a few other cancers. For my sisters, its different odds because they can get breast and other cancers (especially if they too inherited mums gene).

And so it goes on, each of us (who inherited the defective gene) have a 50/50 chance of passing our defective gene to our children, and they to are grandchildren.

For the girls this is a real concern as they all face the same question. Whether to have perfectly healthy breasts removed, or  undergo hysterectomy, in order not to develop cancer  later in life.

One by one, the girls (with the defective gene) have to answer this question and removals are being chosen once child bearing years are complete. The assumption being better now when I am fit than later when I am old and weak.

We are the generation that has great hope as medical advances will soon eradicate many cancers, and treatments currently, can prevent much heartache. But for now, for girls, breast cancer is a statistical probability in our family.

Early detection is key. That's why I support CoppaFeel. I love the slightly irreverant way they promote the message of awareness amongst the young. It is the young that never believe it will happen to them..........but it does.......especially if you have inherited the defective gene.

CoppaFeel will teach you to do just that, CoppaFeel of your B(.)(.)bs, it can save your life.

Oh, and if you are not a girl, you have other bits.

Thank you for taking time to read this message.

I am swimming the English Channel "The Undone Way" in September 2013. I am freezing my bits off, in the hope you don't have to lose yours. 

Please donate pennies or pounds to CoppaFeel.


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