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Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Hertfordshire Community Foundation exists to tackle need and deprivation in Hertfordshire. The Foundation encourages philanthropy and helps donors to achieve their charitable giving objectives We make grants to charities and voluntary groups, both new initiatives and existing projects.

Charity Registration No. 1156082


Hertfordshire Children's Fund has been providing effective, practical support to disadvantaged children and their families in Hertfordshire since 1996. By pooling contributions from individuals, groups and businesses, grants of up to £300 are available to families struggling to make ends meet.

The fund aims to work alongside health visitors,  social workers and other professionals to step in where most other sources of funding have been exhausted, making sure that family's needs are properly met.

The fund is managed by Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF) who ensure all applications are properly completed, assessed and go before the Hertfordshire Children’s Fund panel who make the final decisions. Once a grant is made they also record and monitor the use of the grant.