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HRF Ghana Education Project

Raising much needed funds for a school in Ghana for Human Relief Foundation because education is a basic right for every child!

85 %
raised of £10,000 target
by 84 supporters
  • Team members: Emdad Rahman, Abu Nasir, Khoyrul Shaheed & Mehdi Chowdhury
  • Event: HRF Ghana Education Project

Human Relief Foundation

We help those in need to make the world a better place!

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Please support our humanitarian mission.

We are supporting the Gilead International School situated in a remote area located about 90km outside of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

There are one hundred students studying at the school, 56 of them girls, and 44 boys, with ages ranging from 2 years old up until the age of 14.

The majority of the students live in small villages up to 7 miles away from the school, whilst others who live in the same village are a five-minute walk away.

The school tried to set up a football academy which is run by one of the deputy headmasters, an ex-professional footballer for Ghana’s national team, who is also from that village.

Many of those attending the school are from deprived areas, meaning they will not be given many opportunities in the future because of the conditions they live in, and many will need to leave education early in order to provide some sort of income for the family.

There are a lot of talented young aspiring footballers in Ghana who are all motivated and encouraged by the many world class players who represent some of the greatest football teams of the past 30 years.

Through similar academies in Ghana, the most exceptional talents are scouted and become professional within a short space of time, which opens up doors for them to play in European or Asian football leagues, where they are able to make good money and provide for their families back home.

Through this school the children will be given an opportunity to be trained at a professional level by a professional footballer which will enhance their passion and talent in the game, as well as being provided with a full syllabus education program teaching important subjects such as; Mathematics, Science, I.C.T, English, Physical Education, Environmental Studies, Creative Arts, and other languages.

The School also has planned out a special I.C.T. department where they wish to teach children the basic computing skills needed in the modern day world of work and the school building is in need of some work to expand in order for more students to be able to join. 

Currently they are at maximum capacity and there is a list of children waiting to begin attending, however there are no funds to complete the expansion so they have had to turn away children until a later date.

Also many of the children who live far from the school often do not attend due to the cost of the bus fare being too much for many families.

If the school were able to have their own school bus, this would allow them to go and collect the children who live far away meaning they are more likely to benefit fully from the school and what it has to offer them.

Below is a list of the items / equipment the school needs to be at maximum efficiency and to be able to deliver high quality teaching and nutrition to some of the poorest children in Ghana.

List of Equipment / items needed to improve the services offered at the school;

1. Water Tank: Needed to store clean water in the school for the children to drink and use. (Water currently comes from a well HRF installed less than 30 meters away in the village).

2. Computers / Printers: For their I.C.T. lab they are in need of 30 computers and 2 multi user printers in order to teach the children basic IT skills. 

3. I.C.T. Lab: This would need IT desks and chairs to accommodate for 30 children in each session.

4. Text Books / Exercise Books: To be able to give text books to the children so that they can practice at home and carry on learning after school hours are over. Also Story books for the younger children with pictures and drawing space etc. 

5. White Boards (12) / Board Markers (12 boxes): The classrooms currently do not have proper boards or good markers, which makes it difficult to explain to them with examples during group tasks. 

6. Dust Bins: 12 Dustbins are needed to maintain a clean learning space and to also teach children the importance of Hygiene. 

7. School Bus: a School bus (Second Hand) is needed to pick up the children living in areas far away from the school. 

8. Office Tables & Chairs: The staff in the school will need Teacher desks and chairs to be in each classroom (currently they teach standing up and have a small bench as a desk).

9. Playing Kits: The children at the school, do not have anything to do other than the football pitch outside which is really overgrown. It would be nice for them to have games / activities to use on their breaks. 

10. Lawn Mower: The Grass outside has become really overgrown and the mower they have currently is not capable of cutting the grass, meaning the football pitch cannot be used.

11. Fridge & Freezer: The school currently do not have a canteen and the lady cooks the meals on a wood fire at the back of the school bringing fresh ingredients each day. A fridge freezer would make it easier to store ingredients at the school and to prevent food waste.

12. Projector Screen: There is a projector screen to be able to show educational materials and movies to the children as part of the learning process.

13. Building Extension: The School needs an extension to make it 2 floors which will double the capacity of the school to 200 students offering education for a lot more children living in poverty.

14. Class Tables / Chairs: Each classroom would need 30 tables and chairs and with the expansion would mean 200 basic child tables and chair

15. Air Conditioning: By installing 10 basic size AC units in the school, this would ensure that during the humid months of the summer, the temperature can be kept cool and the fans would circulate the air around the whole building.

16. Fans: The school is not directly exposed to the sun so during the summer months the weather can be very hot, but installing fans in each classroom would make it a lot cooler and a better learning environment for the children. (30 needed)

17. Television: 5 televisions to be able to show educational materials, and also to use for the younger children to watch cartoons and children’s programs.

18. Canteen Hall: 100 Tables and chairs for a canteen space would be needed, as currently the children eat lunch sat on the floor outside the main entrance of the school

19. Fenced Protection: The school is located on the property of the headmistress, and is quite a large plot in the local village. The school is surrounded by huts and houses and many of the people living there have livestock and other animals that sometimes make their way onto the school premises. To protect the children an enclosed space is required.