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Making Headway at INTA

Fundraising for Headway - the brain injury association

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  • Event: Making Headway at INTA

Headway - the brain injury association

We provide UK-wide support and information to improve life after brain injury

Charity Registration No. 1025852


As Intellectual Property enthusiasts, those of us who attend the INTA Meeting each year are privileged to make our livings from the fruits of intellectual creativity of others: the brands, logos, designs, inventions, get-up and packaging that both reflect and redefine our culture.

Let's spare a thought, though, for those for whom intellectual creativity is difficult or impossible  -  people who have suffered brain injuries and for whom many of the things we find so easy are an impossible challenge. And let's spare a thought, too, for those who care for them.

I'm participating in the INTA 5k run again and hope that you will support my effort by making a donation to this worthy cause. It doesn't matter how much or how little  -  the important thing is the act of giving. I know that your donation will be warmly received.

Best wishes

Jeremy (IPKat weblog team member)


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